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on February 13, 2013 - 8:55am

CONGRATULATIONS JOSH on All That Echoes being #1 worldwide!!! Proud of you beyond words. Big Hug!!!

Congratulations on All That Echoes reaching Billboard #1!!! So proud of you for all your hard work and the courage it takes to stay true to your own path!!! This is just the beginning of a thrilling and rewarding year to come!!!

Happy V-Day Josh!!!
Everyday is V-Day when you're surrounded by love.

Great job on Ellen! Happened across a certain Guitar Hero clip from four years ago, which was just too adorably funny. Legendary really. Ellen is great-- great energy, perfect comedic timing, seems like a good supportive friend too. Love her character in Finding Nemo-- so funny!

Falling Slowly on Valentine's Day-- could anything be more beautiful or romantic.

Congratulations on beating Far Cry 3. I have no idea what game that is as I haven't played box-type games since the Legend of Zelda, but I realize it takes a certain level of dedication to beat a video game. Enjoy resting on your well-deserved laurels for a moment and no worries I'm sure there will be many more amazing accomplishments to be won in your future!!! Am so very happy for you!!!

Chocolate covered potato chips?!? Talk about an explosion of the taste buds. Pure sensory delight. :)

"Never Grow Up" by Taylor Swift-- precious

Nice sharp look for ETCanada which has consistently worked for you the other times you've worn it-- shall we nickname it your "talk show" outfit. The light blue works, the jacket works, the jeans work. I really try to comment as little as I can about wardrobe because everyone has their own tastes, and you need to do what works for you.

Watching Cars for the nth time. The story and dialogue just flows. It's got heart. The story of an interstate freeway. Who knew. It's brilliant. It's so good, perhaps the best in the Pixar collection. And what's more. Paul Newman plays the Doc Hudson character. I mean. just the best of the best. I looked it up and no wonder-- John Lasseter was one of the writers, if not the primary writer. If he writes it it's got to be good. He's like my idol. And so on the same page as me re: Disney and Hizao Miyazaki??? Cars 2 is amazingly entertaining as well. If I ever meet Lasseter which I have a feeling I just might (squinting a bit looking into the long term future), I will just be totally thankful and floored. My utmost admiration.

Back to work!

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