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My one question

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on November 30, 2010 - 8:17am

With the promotion of Illuminations going into hyperdrive, I've been listening to a lot of Josh's earlier albums, which, admittedly, with the exception of Noel and a few select songs, are all fairly new to me. I've utilized Josh's music as a meditative channel to tap into a divine source of inspiration that has ever so gently yielded a wealth of creative and humanitarian ideas. My philosophy on meditation is that one can pretty much meditate in any given number of ways, whether it's listening to music, improvising on the piano, as well as pretty much anywhere- walking the dog, at the airport, walking down the street-- as long as one knows where to go to tap into that place within.

So it was with trepidation that I allowed myself to open up to the other albums, afraid that some of the songs would slip too easily into an uninspired pop category. As I gradually allowed myself to explore the other albums one by one in the past three months, however, I've been pleasantly surprised. That spiritual component is present through most if not all of his music, whatever the subject of the lyrics. Even in Josh’s first album, one finds a mature, very expressive, soulful artist. An old soul is an old soul. It is true that he has grown as a musician, as a performer, and as a creative force behind his music. However, the higher wisdom in his music has always been there, perhaps because through his singing and songwriting, Josh is tapped into the divine source himself, whether consciously or subconsciously.

Part of it can probably be attributed to a projection of my own perspective. Listening to music is very much a subjective experience, so one must allow room for that. So I’ve erred on the conservative side in interpreting the intentionality of the spiritual aspect. This leads to the one question I’ve had about Josh and his music over the years, and that is: Are the spiritual overtones a reflection of himself, or others with whom he has collaborated in the songwriting process?

Josh’s latest album, Illuminations, provides the most clarity on my question to date. :)

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