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thoughts on music

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on August 27, 2012 - 2:42pm

I'm deleting left and right because I suddenly don't feel like revealing so much on the internet. When my personal desire to let my hair down and say whatever and my professional side clash-- professional always wins. Hey, the same advice I'm giving to Josh I have to adhere to myself. Whether it's public/professional or just professional without the public element, there's an image to uphold that could care less about how or what we feel like doing at the moment but shall always be vulnerable to it.

Note to Josh: Whichever stage you are at in working on your music-- dare to be bold and be a trailblazer. Remember YOU have the power to define what the masses want to hear. As you come across decisions to be made re: artistic direction, put your own signature on it by asking yourself, what would the brilliant "Josh Groban" do with this?

I cranked out something preliminary because my mind would simply not allow let me put it to rest otherwise. But may I point out unlike you I'm not used to writing about intense love. So in a sense it is more a manifestation of the intense love that's reflected in the original piece. My comfort zone is politics and spiritual and that's what my other projects are focused on. This is all very new to me. It's as if everytime I master something I'm ready to take on a new challenge. Even if it's not explicit love as I prefer more Nora Ephron/Virginia Woolf/My Fair Lady style type of romances onscreen this makes me feel so darn vulnerable. The political pieces were supposed to be first but this one jumped the line and all I could do was just follow the creative impulse...

The other day I did a little research to back up the "topic" I'm writing about, and was a little blown away that what I found confirmed what I was writing about. I can't remember the last time I was really blown away by something. I had to pause for a moment and let the "whoa" sink in. And then I thought, if I'm this taken aback by it all, even though I operate and think about this level of things on a daily basis, how would others respond? And of course just by posing the question I get the answer back almost immediately. They will just think it's all a myth, a wonderful dream that they can fantasize about to escape the daily realities of life. And there's a safety net in that because otherwise when faced with a truth, even if it's a beautiful, amazing and wonderful truth, it can be overwhelming that such a truth can be found and is within reach. Not everyone is ready for that. I thought I was and yet I'm finding I have to break it down into increments to take it in.

I understand why it is I'm doing what I'm doing now.

Happy to hear your new album is about joy. Joy is the highest energy state and we can never have too much of it in the world. Looking forward to it!

Just saw Saltimbanco. Awesome Awesome Awesome. Apparently they are closing this longest-running Cirque show after this year so it made it all the more poignant.The trapeze work gave me the chills. There is something so beautiful and moving about freefall in slow motion. They've used it in my opinion quite effectively in a few movies I recall-- Crouching Tiger (visually spectacular although so-so story), Princess Bride (forever a classic in my book), and Lara Croft Tomb Raider 2 (or 3 or 1???) (kick-a character). hmmmm....

And the last scene of Toy Story 3 happened to be on tv....ok fine it was the Disney channel...(sniff)...with the right (sniff) music and dialogue and (sniff)camera(sniff)\ can portray any connection-- including that between a boy and his childhood toy-- in a way that touches the heart right at that tender little soft spot... Bolt and Mulan have those moments that get me every time....the last part where Bolt stays with "his person" in the smoke-filled building (can't remember her name) makes me want to go waaaaaaahhhhhh every time. Getting people all teary-eyed isn't the emphasis here-- just the importance of moving people. Just more thinking out loud I suppose that's the next element I'm working through.

Working out story details now. This is the stage where it's like cleaning out the closet-- there's a lot more stuff than you'd think would be in there. Taking everything out, looking at it piece by piece, and then hoping it will just nicely fall into place. It's a bit more involved given there are three parts to this, but to try to do it in any less than three wouldn't do it justice.

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