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lindyjean's picture
on October 3, 2010 - 2:38pm

a bit sad....the dodgers are playing their last game of the post-season for them. the giants and padres are duking it out up north.....really hard to root for either team, but i'm hoping the Padres pull it out. Is it wrong of me to root for the Padres simply because in fifth grade, i had a crush on a boy who played for the Padres in Little League???? how pathetic is that???? actually, it's because the Dodger/Giant rivalry goes back decades, and i'm sticking with that......doesn't really matter, as whoever makes it to the post season will not advance...i would love to root for a West Coast team, but i don't think any team in the West would have gone far.....even my dodgers. my son, who is the biggest dodger fan i know of (and that's saying a lot), is nearly in mourning today. a little light has gone out in his eyes.......he's already talking about spring training and jones-ing for the exhibition game schedules to come out! he and his dad---two peas in a pod. they didn't go to spring training this year, but will go in 2011.

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