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good timing

lindyjean's picture
on January 4, 2011 - 8:53pm

i had tickets for the kimmel show on monday, but had a doctor's appt at UCLA earlier in the afternoon that i expected to be done with so i could go to the taping.....well, i wasn't. they did another test, and then sent me for labs, and long story short, i was leaving UCLA about the time they were letting people into the El Capitan theater for the taping. Not only would i have had to get thru rush-hour traffic on surface streets halfway across LA, but then check into my hotel, and change my clothes. it was not to be, and wasn't going to be anywhere near close, so my HOG and i went to dinner, then went to the hotel, checked in, and such. we went for a walk around the Hollywood and Highland complex, across the street from the El Cap, and just as we were passing by, the doors opened and audience members came streaming out. i recognized some of them, and followed them to the back, where, half an hour later, we got to see Josh and get autographs. Some got photos, hugs, and more. I did not have my purse, so he signed a $1 bill.

it was just dumb luck and great timing to be right there at that moment when everyone came out of the theater, cuz i would have just assumed taping had finished up earlier (i'd been there for an earlier taping, but forgot about the pre-show stuff). I missed a killer performance of my favorite song on the new CD, but got to see josh anyhow.....i'll take it!

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