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postoperative snacking

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on July 7, 2011 - 1:07am

i had throat surgery last, since then, i've rediscovered things like popsicles and pudding cups. who doesn't love a Big Stick (get your minds out of the gutter)? how long has it been since you've let your tongue go blue or bright red-orange from licking and demolishing a cold popsicle on a hot summer's day? i confess, i have the rather exotic preferences for the "different-flavored" popsicles---the lemon-lime, root beer and banana. You have to hunt for this variety pack, as they are not as popular as the cherry/orange/grape flavored treats. now they have blue raspberry, which we didn't have when i was a kid back in the middle ages, and i have yet to warm to this new-fangled combination of taste and color (blue foods? there was a time when this was quite alien a notion, and one that my head needs time to wrap around). i know there have been blue flavors for quite some time now, but not when i was a kid, and it's stuff i don't normally eat, so, it's still foreign to me.

the Popsicle brand have really bad jokes on the stick, i.e. "when is a step rude?" Answer: "When it's a stair (stare)". really, really bad jokes, but innocent enough, and don't think i can't wait to finish my popsicle so i can amuse my family with the really bad jokes! it's part of the fun. they not only have to deal with my horribly raspy voice, they get to hear me chortle and snerk as i deliver the joke. now that's entertainment, folks!

my dear husband, who has been taking exceptional care of me since the surgery, went to the market and brought home some store-brand popsicles. the clear plastic bag says "Assorted flavors of cherry, orange, grape, blue raspberry, root beer and lemon-lime" however, the colors you can see are orange, purple and blue. No brown, no red, no green. he was trying to figure out what color root beer might be, and then we looked closer at the words on the package. in very small letters, snuggled inside parentheses, it says, "assortment may vary" in other words, there are no cherry, root beer or lemon-lime in the 20-piece assortment he brought home. he was ready to steam back to the store and complain, but i told him that it was fine, i'd eat them (i mean, come on, they're popsicles, not See's candies, and one is as good as another, in a pinch). and they only cost $2---not worth the trip back to the store. and besides, our son had already eaten a couple of them. i eat about four a day. i hope they don't have a lot of calories....i haven't checked.

as well as the popsicles, we bought pudding cups. i grew up taking lunches to school in a brown bag, or a lunch box. we didn't have many individually-wrapped, single-serving sized goodies back then. you got your sandwich, an apple or orange or banana, and either cookies mom wrapped in plastic, or a Hostess pie (if it was right after payday), twinkie or cupcake. those were the only single-serving-wrapped things around then. so, i missed out on pudding cups as a child. my kids, all now in their 20s, did get pudding cups, and i'd occasionally sneak one, but mostly, i saved them for their lunches. but, because of my surgery, now i get the pudding cups. they are quite extraordinary little things.....hardly a serving (IMO), so you need to eat two at a time (we bought sugar-free) to even make a dent in soothing the sore throat or satisfying the sweet tooth. today, i went to costco and bought 36 pudding cups. of course, i won't eat them all.....but i won't be saving them for kids' lunches, either. they do not come close to the homemade pudding i grew up with, but they certainly hit the spot when you want a cool, chocolately treat between popsicles.

it's summer...have a popsicle. or an Otter Pop. I'm going to grab me a box of 50/50 bars on my next trip to the store.....don't let your kids have all the fun! you don't have to be recuperating from surgery to enjoy them, just thirsty and looking for a bit of nostalgia. Enjoy!

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