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rainy days in california

lindyjean's picture
on December 20, 2010 - 1:31pm

our very thirsty state is getting an early christmas present in the form of record rainfall. i don't mind the rain---i hope it fills every reservoir in the state to capacity, and that the mountains have a very deep snowpack, so that when it starts to melt, it will again fill the lakes. and, it gives the ski resorts a good year, too. our economy, as you've probably heard, is sinking, so, this is a boon not just to the parched earth, but to the economy in many forms.

i can't speak for the rest of the state, but so far, the flooding and damage has been minimal. roads are flooded, and a part of the river levee broke away, but it's down where the river hits the ocean, so it's wide-open and away from most people. a few families had to evacuate, but less than those who had to move til the water receded in the streets. i know there are brush fire burn areas in southern california that are being watched for mudslides. i hope it doesn't happen and that all are safe.

my husband is a teacher, and is now off for the winter break. he and a couple of his other teacher friends have grabbed their kayaks and are right now paddling around on what is usually a multi-pitch soccer field, under 4 feet of water. we have many flood control basins around town, and they chose this one because it has a ramp (for easy unloading), and it's the biggest. it is also unfenced, since it's used for the soccer games when weather is dry (which, lately, is almost always). The news has posted pictures of other crazy souls who are in rafts and small boats, tooling around the larger flood basins. The guys are in full wetsuits, because, this is run-off after all, and not the cleanest water around. and, it's raining, so even if they never touch the water beneath them, it's coming down all around them, so wetsuits are a good idea.

i'm staying indoors and dry. i was out shopping all weekend, and got my share of wet, so i'm done with that. i hope the guys have fun....

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