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on February 10, 2012 - 1:15pm

it was 82 degrees here yesterday...i'm not in the southern hemisphere, in the middle of summer; i'm in california and it's winter.....i went to lunch with a friend and we sat outdoors on the patio, across the street from the small harbor at avila beach, listening to gulls and sea lions. not too shabby for the middle of winter......people were in flip-flops, shorts and tank tops, slathering on sunscreen and putting on their was better than most of our usual summertime warming a farce??? even without graphs and satellite photos of melting glacial ice, i think it's pretty evident just by walking outside.

on the news, they said it was the warmest january on record (don't know if that's just here, or across the board), and february looks to follow that pattern. it's a more-normal 62 degrees today, though it feels much warmer with the warm sunshine.

come july, i'll be lamenting that we aren't having a summer, but it's here now and i am enjoying it. sorry if you have snow and ice, but at least that's normal for you (i suppose???).....

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