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Hannah's 21st

MaryAwake's picture
on December 5, 2012 - 1:15am

Hi Guys!!

Been a while since I have been here. Hannah was 21 on Nov 24th and of course we had to have party! Since she is huge Harry Potter fan of course we had to have HP themed party and boy did her friends push the boat out with costumes...all home-made! Hannah dressed as HP himself and we had 2 Barn Owls come to party for pics and we all got to hold them and stroke them...they were so tame and just sat there...not a bit afraid of us either. We had a wonderful Cake...the Quidditch Pitch which was made by my other daughter Alison's friend...nothing that woman cant do with She had some friends from England, France and Australia come over and stay and we full house for weekend, but a lot of fun too. I did all the food myself and it was a lot of hard work. The decorations were amazing and took 3 hours to put up..the guys where we had party said it was best 21st Birthday Party they had ever seen...and the decorations were the best too. It was a party to remember and the local newspaper came and took photographs and there is write up on center pages this week....:)
Also in more news, Alison and her husband Carl underwent their first IVF treatment this week, had egg harvest on Tuesday and are now waiting to see if any of them have become embryos...fingers crossed...XX
Here are some pics from party...:)
The girl dressed as owl in first pic is my daughter Alison.
2nd pic is Alisons husband Carl with one of the owls.
Hannah's Cake
and lastly Hannah with Owl....her favourite thing in the world apart from Harry Potter lol

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