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Does He Really Get It

Queen4JGro's picture
on June 7, 2011 - 9:12am

No matter where you look on this site, you will always see that someone posted a "thank you", 'you helped me get through bad times', etc. If you follow Josh on Twitter, you will see these comments such as 'I needed that laugh'.

I have been faithfully ,,,,,,, okay - faithfully obsessed, following Mr. Hot Pipes since the first day I heard him sing. It is not a hard being faithfully obsessed with this wonderful man. There are thousands just like me. I drive my family crazy with my obsession and I enjoy every moment. They have falsely accused me of living in a fantasy land. What fantasy land? So what is the big deal if they overhear a conversation I am having and it sounds as if Josh and I were friends. The best part of my obsession is that I have my Best FOJG friend Hilde to obsess with.

I often wonder if Josh really gets it. Does he truly and honestly "get" the fact that he has made a wonderful impact on so many lives. And, if he does how can he remain so humble. Is it acting? I don't think so. His facial expressions are quite readable.

All in all, the credit needs to be given to his parents and other family members who guided him on the successful journey he is on today.

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