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The new songs

Queen4JGro's picture
on October 15, 2010 - 5:16pm

It is very difficult to pick my favorite of the two new songs.

Hidden Away - So beautifully sung. It's all about saying the words and sharing feelings with people you care so deeply about. Don't hold back. You don't know what tomorrow brings. It is about saying to someone "I love you" or "I will cherish this time we have had together today". Say good things to people today. Tomorrow may not come.

So many of us have lived those moments. I can say that I learned the hard way. I did not get to share my deepest feelings with my grandparents before they passed. I only lived a little over an hour away. Learning from this moment, when my friend and former co-worker was dying from cancer, down to skin and bone and still going to work because he did not want to sit around the house waiting to die. He was walking down the hall and I called out to him in my own way, "Hey you handsome devil.....) as he slowly and deliberately walked toward his office. He made his usual comments. We exchanged a few words. He said, "I love you." That was a Friday. He passed away on Sunday.

It was a really rough day today at work. One of our agents went to a clients house and found her strung out on drugs with her two month old baby. He called the social workers and they told him to find a place for the baby. He was sending his client to jail. A woman on oxygen who is in a wheelchair, said she would take the baby. He called the client's parents who are awesome people. They were leaving immediately to come get the third child this client has and they will probably raise this one also. The baby's father arrives in our office. He is a meth addict. He wants his child. Can't have it. Never signed his name on the papers at the hospital stating he was the father. The social workers said the agent had to make sure the baby got into the grandparents arms safely and taken away. He was back and forth all day long.

In between all of the drama I gave him a gift bag containing miniature candy bars. It was bosses day today, but he is not my boss. I thought he needed a celebration day. I said this is for the great job you do all year long. It is not easy. Such a small gift, but his mood lifted and he thanked me several times during the day. I did the same thing to he two other men in the office. They reacted the same way.


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