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Weird and Nerdy

Queen4JGro's picture
on July 16, 2011 - 7:04pm

Since I am not from the south, 83 degrees at 5 p.m. is worthy of whining. Since nobody is interested in listening to me whine, I take myself up into my bedroom and turn on my laptop and enjoy the breeze from the ceiling fan. We do not have air conditioning. Unlike many people with computers who go on Facebook, read books, gamble, play games, etc., I go on this site and listen to blogs, read the boards, watch concert videos and occasionally post journals. I also find myself on other websites watching Josh's interviews, television performances, etc. I am a Josh Junkie. My family thinks I am weird because of my obsession. They are absolutely correct and I am very content. Weird is good. I like weird. Weird can be lonely until you find someone else who is weird. I know a few weird people and we get along very well.

I love other music besides Josh's. I lose complete control of myself when I listen to J Lo's "On the Floor" and some of Katy Perry's songs. Since I mostly hear their music when I have the radio on as I go back and forth to work, or wherever, only the upper part of my body is trying to dance safely. It is the beat! The beat that brings me back to my teenage years at home when I would turn on music and dance. Dance and dream. This is where the Nerd comes in. I wasn't interested in what many of my friends did. Music filled in the gaps. How many teenagers "back in the day" as I say occasionally loved to listen to old Rogers and Hammerstein musicals, Irish tenors, Rhapsody in Blue or Bach. Rather than play "popular" music on my piano, I played mostly classical musical because it connected, although the original music from the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar was very moving for me. Ahhh....... those were the days.

As I reflect on this journal I wonder what my life would have been like if that Stork would have planted me on a different door step. Hmmmm!

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