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Just Back from Show with MY Bahama-Mama !

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on February 16, 2011 - 2:39pm

Just back from the Bahamas where I saw the Atlantis Resort show. Pretty amaziing, especialy since I was a Josh "Virgin" only 3 months ago. Josh has led to some wonderful things happening in my life since the New Haven show.

I am a single male from New York City that just hapened upon the New Haven show last November. Picking up tickets at the box office for another performance at the Shubert Theater, I saw that Josh was playing that night. With no plans for the evening, I returned just before show time hoping to snag a ticket for this "sold-out" event. Another inquiry at the box office still left me without a ticket for the show. Turning around and wading through a massive crowd waiting to enter the theater, I asked if anyone had one ticket available for tonight's show. The crowd parted to my right, and a beautiful woman said: "Yes, I have one." What luck to find a ticket immediately. Now off to the side, we chatted and I was delighted to find that the seat next to her was available as a friend had cancelled out at the last minute. Prior to the show, this delightful woman reveled in the fact that I was a Josh "Virgin" and shared this and other facts about me with her friends ("He's a Virgin........and he's not gay!"). During the pre-concert wait, this woman told me everything there was to know about Josh in 45 minutes or less. I learned what a "Grobanite" was as well as many other things. For me, the show began.... even before the show began. I was entranced with this woman and enjoyed her company.

During the show, I watched the excitement ebb and flow through my seat-mate with each song that Josh performed. Josh was engaging and delightfully funny in his conversation with the crowd that night. Towards the end of the show, Josh invitied "Gavin", a little boy and his family to join him on the stage. He also invited several additional guests to join him on the stage as well. Asking for "anyone on a first date", my partner & I glanced at each other briefly and then launched ourselves into the air. Josh noticed us and invited us to join him on stage.

If you thought the show was good from the regular seats, imagine how good the show could be from the stage. Josh greeted us as we arrived on stage and again when we exited the stage. The show ended on a high for me. But there's more.....

An encore would follow and the show closed with a breath-taking performance of "Gallileo". Once finished, we bolted for the stage door. A 50 minute wait at the stage door, on an unusually mild November evening, made the expectation for a Josh encounter even better. The conversation that flowed between "my newest Best Friend" and I was engaging, fluid and delightful. We talked about everything Josh, with a little personal info thrown in for good measure. After taking our Josh pictures and getting an autograph, the night was about to end. Instead, an invite for a nightcap or cup of coffee was made, and off we went with a friend/chaperone in tow. The three of us chatted for over a hour before we all had to call it a night. I learned that this woman had travelled up to New Haven from Pennsylvania with several other Grobanites. Our evening ending by escorting these ladies back to their hotel and off I went. Fortunately for me, we had exchanged email addresses earlier in the evening.

Who knew that it would only be one week before we were talking on the telephone (the bouquet of roses probably helped speed things along). After an accelerated 13 week courtship, we ended up in the Bahamas together for this Josh show as a couple.

If I thought the 1st show was good, imagine how good the 2nd show could be when you are sharing it with someone special (and on St. Valentine's Day no less!).

Regarding the Bahamas show, Josh did not disappoint. More singing and less conversation as compared to recent shows as the audience was mostly made up of "local" Bahamians, with a few Fan club members and radio contest winners thrown in. Josh's lack of conversation with an audience that he was less known to inversely resulted in more songs being performed than in other previous CD release pre-concert shows. Especially meaningful were Josh's renditions of "Vincent" at the beginning of the show, and an unplanned performance of "You Raise Me Up" to close the show.

Now back in the USA, we are patiently waiting for the next Josh performance/encounter. Until then, I will continue to travel between New York & Pennsylvania to visit with "my newest Best Friend" & Sweetheart who "... raises me up". In her absence, I too feel like Gallileo. Thank you Josh for bringing us together. Best regards, CHARLES

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