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The Fantastic Josh Groban

numberonejoshfan2000's picture
on July 14, 2011 - 3:25pm

The concert in Indy two nights ago was one of the best days/nights of my life. He is so sweet, so charming, funny, gorgeous...and that voice!!! He is so much smaller than he sounds. How can that huge voice come out of such an adorable, little guy? ANd He connects with the audience in a way rarely seen, and I have been to dozens and dozens of concerts, met many celebs, and no one like our Josh!!! He is one of a kind, and I love him dearly!!! Thank you Josh, for your time. And thanks for the best all-time concert memories I have, and am likely to ever have, unless I am fortunate enough to see you in concert again. It was an amazing experience...Weeping, Bells of NYC, The Wandering Kind, Broken Vow, Higher Window, You Are Loved, You Raise me Up, name a few, and every one sounding even better than on the cds. If that is even possible. And to top it off, after such an awe-inspiring performance, taking the time to meet with us and sign autographs, exchanging a few treasured words, just his time, period. He is one of the good ones, there is no doubt about that, my fellow Grobanites!!! no, make that great!!!

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