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For I am captured

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on September 29, 2011 - 1:37pm

Dear Diary,

This is My Confession, and I am sharing it with you Now or Never.

I have met a man. Or, if I am perfectly honest with you, he is THE man. I really think he might be the right for me.

Someone told me his name is Josh. Josh Groban. And I know for a fact that he is not just some ordinary Vincent or Galileo but a gorgeous dark man with a cute twinkle in his eyes, and, most importantly, a talent so unique that you will have to hear it so as to be able to comprehend it. And now, thanks to him, I lie Awake on my bed at nights because I am so happy for I have met him.

In addition to that, I happen to know that he is not just some Little Drummer Boy but an honest drumbeating Machine! (:

The first time I got a glimpse of this wonderful young man was at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lightning in the year of grace 2010. I had just left Toronto, where me and my friend lived and worked for a couple of months. Leaving Canada behind was sad, yet I heard the Bells of New York City calling my name so strongly that all I could do was Smile. Besides, before flying to Canada I promised my parents that I’ll Be Home For Christmas. Illuminations came out only a few days before we went to NYC, and all I could think was “Josh, I am coming Straight To You” because he was right There For Me.

It was pouring the day the lights were lit. Nevertheless, I was willing to tolerate the rain for more than five hours because I thought to myself that If I Walk Away, I will regret it for the rest of my life. Now imagine me (who thinks Christmas is the most precious time of the year and who also happens to love New York City so much it is almost ridiculous) and Josh [(and the rest of the hundreds of thousands of people – however, this particular bit of information is totally irrelevant)] beside the magnificent Christmas tree (which, due to ‘Home Alone II’, is the sole reason why I began to love NYC so much in the first place). He sang The Christmas Song but to be honest it sounded more like a Hymne A L’Amour to me. It definitely was My December. After all this time, I still Remember When It Rained in that magical wonderland.

After my journey to the City I was already extremely Thankful. Yet, after less than a year I realized I was a blessed owner of not one, but actually two concert tickets to this Josh’s world tour. The night before I travelled to Helsinki I found out I had won the sweetest thing ever in the history of me and this man: a date with him [(irrelevant information, part two: a few other lucky winners were also going to crash our special moment.. (: anyway..)]. When the time came to meet him, he gave me his hand, shook it, we talked for a while and then he came Closer. I felt like Weeping for I was so overwhelmed.

Never Let Go. That was the sole thought in my head at that moment.

There is this unique feeling when you experience something grand, something almost larger than life. It is the moment when you realize that You Are Loved even though you sit alone in the crowd; when you know that The Prayer you once said came true; when you understand that despite You’re Still You, your life has changed for ever.

I felt it as I was enjoying my first Josh concert ever in Finlandia Hall after a decade of waiting for it to actually happen. I was mesmerized. I ran out of my tissues before the first half of the concert was over, clasped my hands together so tightly in amazement that my knuckles went white, and was more and more moved each time a flow of chills run across my body. He sang on that stage like each song was a sublime Canto Alla Vita, as they say. What makes all this even more remarkable is that I had the privilege of experiencing it all over again the next day. In addition to that, I made wonderful new friends along the way.

I will Remember this sympathetic, talented, charming man for the rest of my life and cherish my memories in my heart for just as long. I will wait for the day he comes back for he promised to do so. And I do Believe that that is what he will do one of these days.

Love Only Knows why he is so amazing.

And the chariots of angels are colliding.

With love,

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