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Josh Groban's Incomparable Gift " Lift's Me Up" Every Day

Pamela1's picture
on December 1, 2013 - 8:16am

It seems these days are filled with so much sadness and unrest in the world just listening to his music makes all the bad disappear and we find a purpose through his words.
The inspiration all of my life has been my daughters; one of which has many health challenges which tends to give families with special needs children or adults a view of the world and life in kind of a deeper way.
Through Josh Groban's music I am able to go to my own very special place to recharge and find so much strength; his voice touches my heart and soul and reminds me of all the special blessings in life.
Thank you Josh Groban for bringing the heart and soul of this family back to a beautiful world filled with so much more joy listening to your special gift!

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