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Like Never Before

Per.Sempre.Josh.Fan.Jan's picture
on January 2, 2011 - 11:53pm

Like Never Before

The end to this year is like no other
My heart is restless
Yet feels the hope of singing souls
Spirits are ringing their bells of joy
And now I know

The mountains are calling
I cannot ignore
I must follow my heart
And ring in the New Year
Like never before

Reaching out
Embracing the hope of singing souls
With spirits ringing their bells of joy
Listening to the mountains call
I will not ignore

I will go, I will go
With you in my heart
Embracing your soul
Singing and ringing with bells of joy
Like never before

Given a dream to hold in my heart
With the hope of singing souls
I cannot ignore
You soothe my soul
Like never before

Reaching out, reaching out
Not only for me
I will not ignore
Wishing you a New Year
With ringing bells of joy
Like never before

© Poem/Photos 12/31/2010 JR

11: PM 1/2/11 Just returned home, I wanted to post this yesterday but could not get internet connection while gone so, better late than never… I hope!

Happy New Year!

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