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Winter’s Farewell

Per.Sempre.Josh.Fan.Jan's picture
on February 8, 2011 - 4:55pm

The past few weeks on the Central Coast of California have been a mixed bag of weather. This morning I was awakened to my tubular wind chime; which has a pleasant slow tempo mission bell tone in a breeze. Realizing that the chime was singing nonstop, it sounded blustery outside. I got up, looked out the window at (to my surprise) a beautiful clear sunny but very windy morning.

On my drive to work I watched the wind strip the last skeletal remnants of autumn leaves from their grasp of the branches that they’ve desperately clung to through torrent winter storms, fruit trees cloaked in pink spring bud-bonnets reaching to touch the warm sunshine, Acacia trees with their puffed pearls of saffron pollen gracefully bowing to the winds while Giant Redwood trees sway with the rhythm of nature’s passion; and as I look out to the furthest reaches on the western horizon; deep ink blue waters of the Pacific Ocean blanketed with white-caped waves endlessly pushing onto the sandy shores of the Monterey Bay.

I love the change of seasons, but this morning I witnessed nature dance to Josh singing “L’Ora Dell’Addio” to welcome the beginning of spring... bidding Winter Farewell.

© 2011 JR Winter's Farewell story/photo

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