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For any age music sooths the soul!

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on November 20, 2010 - 7:27pm

I so love when music can change my mood and put me in a better place. That seems to be Josh's mantra for my family. In first hearing Josh's music, it was 10 years ago. I was experiencing the loss of a very dear friend from 9/11 and I heard Josh perform " To Where You Are"; it was a cathartic experience for me. I had a good cry and felt so much better. I was hooked and immediately shared this song with a bereavement group and they too thanked me for helping them deal with their losses. That was 10 years ago. I have come to appreciate each of Josh's albums and grow and learn from his many performances about world music, interpretations to songs of foreign languages etc. Josh has been the musical background to every significant happening in my family. Just one example includes my daughter as she walked down the aisle to 'When You Say You Love Me" during her wedding ceremony. I am a fan who appreciates Josh's voice and his capacity to soothe so many that I love around me.
I was very impatient waiting for Illuminations. I questioned Josh's choice of Rick Rubin as his producer ------- and i was soooooo wrong. Illuminations consists of songs that are amazingly simple but incredibly complex. Every time I listen to this album I hear something brand new that I didn't hear before. The songs have so many layers of feeling that continue to make me want to hear them over and over again. In August, my only grandson Josh (no surprise) who is a year old was diagnosed with asthma. My daughter and son-in-law were devastated because he had to be hospitalized 4 times with pneumonia since September. I was called upon to visit from NJ to Mass. and help out in this stressful situation. In holding Josh, my grandson, I was asked to help him relax and to assist in his breathing. I decided to play, "Higher Window" that had just come out that I never heard before. It was a miracle cure of getting him to calm down, relax and melt in my arms. I was astounded that Josh's voice could have such an effect on a 12 month old. I'm not saying he put him to sleep, but actually changed a baby who was gasping for air to a baby who could relax and begin to breath more easily.
When I heard that Josh would be doing his Behind the Scenes performances I jumped at the chance to get my daughter and son-in-law tickets. Josh's humor especially his daily comments on the computer, "Hello Lady" got them to laugh so much. It was so great to see what seemed as their burden change to laughter during these moments. i so wanted them to go. Unfortunately Josh was hospitalized during the New Haven concert and then again during the Manhatten concert. They weren't going to be able to go but they appreciated listening to Illuminations. I went to new Haven with a friend who really did not know of Josh and she was blown away buy his voice, his songs especially The War at Home and also his sense of humor and good naturedness. he was so natural on the stage and with a smaller venue he was comfortable, funny and extraordinaryily gifted in his singing and playing. I loved every minute of the performance and met such really nice people from all over the world. There were two young lovely girls who reminded me of my daughter who flew in from IRELAND!!!!!!! Another very sweet young women had been sitting by me in the audience and people were coming up to her asif she were a star. Savannah had been on the Oprah Show and was surpised by Josh and was sharing her experience with me and others. She was there with her sister from Syracuse and was so adorable. It was a wonderful event. After Josh came out to the fans after the show my Irish friends were so eager to get a photo with Josh. I literally did all that I could to get them near to him so they could have theur picture taken. When it happened i was thrilled for them.
On Monday I decided I would go to B & N to get a copy of Illuminations for my daughter, her husband and Josh. I so wanted Josh Groban to know what his music did for my grandson and how special that was. I wanted to personally thank him and have him write a note to his namesake on the back of a photo of Josh, Julie and Steve. It was a time when he was healthy and they were on vacation a week before he had his first asthma attack. I got to B & N at 9:30AM, bought the CD and got on the line. Everyone was so nice. It was asif fairy dust of niceness was sprinkled on everyone. We chatted, shared experiences and waited together on line. When I told the girls in front of me about my story of my grandson i had so many people routing for me so that josh would sign my family photo. As we got closer we were told that Josh would only be signing one insert of Illuminations and there would not be any personal names written. They were very strict. I pleaded with one of the security guards watching and protecting Josh that my grandson was sick and I had hoped he would sign the photo. He went up to josh who had me come over with the photo and wanted to know more about my Josh. i wanted him to know how helpful his humor was to Julie and Steve; and how miraculous his voice was to Joshua. He really appreciated the story and personally signed the photo. Then he asked for my Illuminations insert and personally signed that for me even though we were only supposed to have him sign one thing. I was so taken qaback at his humaneness and giving spirit. He did not have to do this, but he did genuinely and with an open heart. Everyone with me that I had just met (from Vermont, Long Island and Connecticut were jumping up and down and so happy that i got to get this for my family. They were all routing for me and it made me feel soooooo good.
On Thursday, the night of the Manhattan concert at Towne Hall, I was celebrating my 40th anniversary with my hubby. We got to see the show in the 8th row center and were thrilled to hear Josh sing all the new songs and many of the old. My hubby bought me a t-shirt for fun which i now would have as a keepsake to remember the concert.Again, we met 2 young people who flew in from Seattle for the day to hear him sing. Others sitting nearby were there from Pennsylvania, Georgia, California. Who flies into NYC from California or Seattle on a red-eye to hear a Josh Groban concert?????? Obviously hearing Josh sing in person was pretty important to them. While my financial budget could not handle such activities, I could see why so many of the people there were such devoted and dedicated fans. Here you have a man with a gifted voice that has the capacity to heal others and make them feel better. How awesome is that? In my own situation with my 12 month old Josh, I knew why they were there. Josh has a beautiful voice but a more beautiful soul. He embraces so many feelings that impact on the lives of others. Just one example is The War at Home It is so powerful that it's made me want to do more to help our returning vets and their families. How many artists have that capacity to inspire and to care? This is the first time since Woodstock that I chose to pursue an entertainer and want to hear him in person. I wasn't quite sure why or what was happening with so many fans young and old. But now i understand. Listen to the soul of Josh Groban and then laugh at his humor. He is a rare human being and I feel fortunate, along with my husband daughter, son-in-law and grandson to have gotten a chance to hear his new work that he is proud, in person. Thanks Josh.

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