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A welcomed storm…

Per.Sempre.Josh.Fan.Jan's picture
on October 17, 2010 - 1:44pm

Last week on the Central Coast of California we had three days of gorgeous sunny, warm fall days with one little white puffy cloud to the north. Then heavy fog rolled in to shroud the coastal redwood trees almost to the ground and stayed for two more days. This morning I was awakened by the pitter patter of rain hitting my patio. The rain is very welcomed in my mind; I figure that if it is going to be a gray day it is nice to get some water out of it to refresh the land. I did not watch the weather report last night and was not expecting rain. This rain is not just a little autumn shower; it is real rainstorm across the entire area that has progressed to heavy rains at times. This storm is also a welcomed sight for another reason... Over the past two years there were several out of control autumn wildfires in our coastal mountains that lasted for weeks; some for months. Hopefully this rainstorm will dampen the dry foliage enough to break that cycle. We’ve had the fire; now the earth, air and water must recover… so, let it rain!

It is nice to be home on a rainy day; catching up on everything while listen to Josh singing his songs, old and new. He still brings such peace to my soul and I believe that he always will. Thank you Josh!

I hope your Sunday is enjoyable as well!

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