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I am recovering slowly

Siena Jackson's picture
on December 27, 2012 - 12:15pm

Well, I have had an interesting Christmas. I started out on Thursday trying to be nice & clean my mom & dad's bathroom since I use the tub in there, so I cleaned the kittylitter box, fine, cleaned the sink, fine, toilet, fine, tub, OK except I needed Hercules to hold onto my feet while I did bc I leaned over & my feet came off the floor untill I decided to remove my socks & "walk" in the tub to scrub the back corners. All good except bruises on my legs when I had leaned. THEN came the boo-boo part. The big "oooops!" I can't reach the mirror above the sink like I can the one over the tub. So, I got the silly idea to climb ONTO the counter. Well, it took me several tries to get the whole mirror clean, but I finally did. I hate streaky mirrorzz!! Anyway, btwn the up-n-down times, I tweaked my left leg (the one on the counter) badly. I walked out to the post office (30 min. away from my house) & back on Friday. It was a long, cold walk, normally wouldn't have been a thing, but my leg was so hurting. By Sat. I was on the floor flat on my back, legs bent, that was only way I could get relief. On Sat we went to the Eagles, I could not walk well, so after that, we went to my Grandma's & I borrowed RaAnne's crutches, I have them now, it's slowly getting better but I still have to use them. Got tingly feeling in my leg if I stand too long alone, or overdo. I have to sometimes bend over & pick my leg up to get it to stop hurting. I almost need Josh Groban & Hercules (the one that is all good, wears the yellow soft top & darker on underneath it, texture'y stuff jeans, big shoes, & sort of sings) to stay with me, they both have super-human strength & could physically lift me should I fall. I did, last night, forget to take my crutches w/ me to the other side of the room & I did make it, but was very slow & wobbly going. I wasn't sure what would happened if I fell. My dad was sleeping. I do lose feeling in my leg & I do fall, have already cut my hand & might have broken or fractured my toe but it is mending quickly. But I am still trying to maneuver & find ways to still do normal stuff that needs done & also not hurt or overdo, but don't want Hercules, who did get flattened by 3 strokes when he had to come into our modern world & took him 3 yrs to recover, to think I'm not trying to recover & I don't want ppl thk I am lazy or being wimpy, so I do as much on my own as possible so I don't lose the use of my leg. I can't swing both legs like some ppl do, my strength is puny compared to Hercules & Josh. But I do try.

For Christmas, I got a pair of "Stompeez" slippers, they are so cute, they'er bunnies & the ears flop, so I took a pic of me wearing them haha! I will post. Anyway, I am slowly recovering but it's going to take a while, I learned that u should not get into positions ur muscles are not used to bc they'll revolt on u LOL!!! I wll clean all but the mirror over the sink from now on :D

I still want my Zanny one of Josh Groban, I'm still going to marry him at Portland show & I still need him to cure Grobanitis. But I can always use another pretector/friend, & Hercules is well attached when he has to step into our modern world, but I really like when he is himself in the Ancient-times world & looks like himself. When he looks like 2012 (K.S.) he is in disguise so he blends in. I am really careful when he is like that, I sort of walk softly, I don't want him to thk I'm not all there or that I am "cracking up". But when he is in Ancient-times & looks like himself I am less scared & don't feel like I need to walk as softly Oh anyway, here I am w/ my "Stompeez" slippers:

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