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I gave blood again, first time in 4 yrs!

Siena Jackson's picture
on April 20, 2012 - 8:13am

Yesterday 4-19-2012, Thursday was the American Red Cross blood bank, I went and manage to pass the HemoGroban test for low Iron w/ 14.8%, & the Blood Pressure test w/ 110/82, the nurse said I am in great range, and it only took 4m 41s. to fill up the donation bag! I am a fast one! I did the form online and that to me is lots more comfortable than saying answers to very intimate questions out loud to a nurse (LOL!) I have evidence to tell the doc. when I go back that everyone says my blood-pressure is not high, plus she should know they tweaked the guide now it's 140/90 as the borderline. I don't thk she knows as much as she should as she wanted to put me on meds when it was barely over 83 on the bottom number. I walk when I can and have lost weight, the blood ppl said whatever I'm doing, keep it up, it's working, (Listening to Josh Groban is a start!)

I got there & had to be a walk-in but from now on, I'll have an appointment as I'm on their list now. I should switch to my cell-number so they get me instead of voice mail. But I will be trying to make it every 56 days, to redeem myself from the Bad Karma, as I told my dentist I would start donating again. I want to get to 8 gallons bc u get a glass mug and certificate! I want that! Or even a t-shirt, & then after 8 I will keep on going as long as they will have me!

I got there w/ my 12" tall Zanny's of Michael and Josh & held onto them when they stuck my finger (my least favorite part & when they stuck my arm (2nd least fave part) but I do love the experience, it is a natural hight as 1 pt. helps 3 ppl, & u don't have to worry about smart remarks if u hold Zanny ppl or dress w/ ur favorite person on ur shurt (I wore my STY shirt), I got asked about Josh so I told about my concert experience too! I got to hold a Zanny stress-ball shaped like an apple, but, now I am back on that precious list!

The first time I ever did this a friend got bone-cancer, we all donated for her. When she lived I decided to do that regularly! I am O- & they LOVE my blood! I have a brand new card & they gavve me a new first time pin bc I did have to take a 4 yr break. I have been deferred at times for low iron or high temp or sometimes even higher than expected BP but that's been rare.

For years it was so touch-n-go. I got anemic in 1990 due to my b.i.l. literally tormenting me to the point of bleeding 3 weeks out of 4 in the month of August. I was so stressed out, I was only living on Slim Fast & I would literally shake to pieces if I had to be in the same room w/ him. Not a good sign. I can't stand him today. But then I got out of that predicament.

After I got gall-bladder surgery & dentures, I thk it will stop the comments of "do u use drugs?" bc my teeth were so awful but now I have a brand-n4ew Zanny-white smile to someday show Josh Groban.

But I had to add my journal here, I had to share this experience, it's almost as great a high as when I got my dentures! I felt like I was made of Zanny and could have floated home! (I was a little light-headed too tho)! :D

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