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My First Josh Groban Concert, I LOVE YOU JOSH GROBAN! ♥♥♥

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on September 3, 2011 - 11:41pm

The eeriest thing of all about my Josh day is that we left Corvallis Bridge at 1:11 pm, then when we turned into our driveway it was 1:11 AM, thta was the really strange and eerie thg about the night,. I also have pics to share of me and all the thgs I got from the oncert. And here they are, incidentally, I will recap my recap, I may be able to remember more stuff now.

Andnow that I've gotten my "Groban Hangover" a little bit under control, here is a better retelling of my day.

We left our house and went to my mom's work and grandma's, but got "on the road at 1:11 pm, start from there. We got to Portland RG easy enough, and then we found parking easy enough. $13 for that, and right by a door. OK, there's some disappointing happenings here, but nothing to do w/ the concert at all.

We got inside and looked around trying to find out our berrings and surroundings, the stairs down next to the elevator were darn scary let me tell u I could see thru them...I was already Josh'ed and not walking very well. So we went to the main area and I met Joshogee from FOJG and she gave me the Awake pin I have on up ^^^ there, and her cousin Christy. Both are warm and accepting, Thank u again Deb for the awesome pin.

Then, we went to our car and had some coffee bc we got there about 4 hr. early. The traffic was ridiculous so we didn't wanna gt caught in it LOL. So we sat in the car w/ the AC on and I played my DS for a bit :D I put a bag together that had my 2 Zanny Josh's in it to show him and my folder for him, not got to give it to him. I evn had a Zanny fish made out of the same kind of Zanny that he and Michael are made of to show him. But that didn't happen.

We sat outside in the common area by the door, and I met Sallyjjrose and 4 of her Grobie friends. I told them all about Jsoh and his magic powers, what he does, how he pretects me and stuff. And then we talked about Harry Potter and Michael Jackson and other stuff, and I told them about Zanny, and showed them the Zanny fish I brought. Then ppl lined up and we went inside., While in line, we met this one lady and her (very tall) friend who took piccies of the bus lucky them!

We got IN and had to stop and buy Josh stuff, I bought the black shirt and white shirt first. Those were the only 2 in 2x. And I got the shiny book. Then we went to the seating area. We were B19 entrance, Sect, 229, Row D seats 3 and 4 I was 4 and no one was at seat 5 bc I thk Josh asked them to leave me a seat empty so I could have the binoc's LOL!!! We got to the stairs, Oh boy are they ever steep and scary ZOMJG! I thought I was going to throw up. But, by the Grace of God above and Josh's love I made it to our seats, I turned around and hung onto the seats to go to my one,.

Then, we went UP again to see if "HE" (we thought it was Josh) was going to sign cd's, but it was ELew instead, so we went BACK down the stairs an my vertico was getting worse, I nearly thought my teeth wre going to fall out of my head. I clamped onto them, Mom bought a shirt and I bought the book bag bc it was freezing in that arena. The air was right down on us.

Got settled again. I can see and hear Jsoh when no one else can and he did sit w/ me while the shaking happened. Then he disappeared when the houselights dimmed, his cue to go play.

But ELew was AWESOME, that man can PLAY! He was already playing when we got toour seats again so we sat there and after he played, the Roadies were setting up for Josh. It was fascinating to watch them. They were fast. OMJ the drums and percussives were amazing, took up half stage! We had goo binocs, Jsoh was about as tall as my Zanny's of him and Michael. But we wre all looking in wrong place. He came out mid-stage, silly Josh! I hyperventilated and Mom said, "Don't have a heart attack!" I giggled! OMJ I was floating and there were ppl taking cellphone camera pix also.

His first song was Changing Colors and it was beautifully done. Then February song and to my delight, he did You Are Loved with the NEW version!! Wowzers, brought tears to MY eyes, Then, he launched into a story about D.F. signing him, and he jokingly said that he was signed at 9 y.o. as "Little Joshie Groban" and I got a fit of high, uncontrollable giggles and then he sang "Allejate" (Alle-hottie!!) after telling us how THAT song came into existance. When he was done w/ that song, he sang Bells of NYC which is one fave of mine, He told us how he came to write HIgher Window too, and sang that. He didn't do Hidden Away. He then (I think) went into Alla Luce Del Sole but I don't know if he did ♥-w/-his-hands tho cuz even w/ the binocs I didn't know, I didn't FEEL him do it, u know sometimes u know when a certain part or something will happen. Anyways he nailed it, knocked it outta the park! Then, he did Oceano and I swear the only difference in that song is the rich-ness of his voice. Wow! Awesome. Then, he did Voce I think. OK, that song kind of didn't have the power behind it bc the echo in THE BUILDING took the voice sound away, it was like a slight distortion. Then I think he did War at HOme talking about Bethesda and the solders,I wanted my mom to hear that one most of all. I'll have to play it for her. yes, goosebumps again. Through out the night he did alot of banter, he answered questions (all from floor, cuz I texted "Have U Ever Sang InJapanese" and they didn't ask, I didn't say "And will u marry me?" like I wanted bc it takes me forever texting. But I did it. He did have the Zanny couches, one black and one white and they feel like Josh. He sang "Broken Vow" w/ the man and wife and a single lady on the couch. He gave them milk from a red carton and I wish I could have had it too bc he would have put all the Rx in it that wouldcure my Grobanitis or at least hold it back. But Captain Eo has all those liquid meds, anyway, tho, he sang that, then they went back to their seats. He walked thru the crowd too. Mind u I can't remember all the songs in ALL the order, but I'm doing my best. He also sang If I walk away too after he talked about Find Your Light. He also sang Weeping and Machine and then introduced the band some of which I don't know, but Tim Curle and Andre and Tariqh and Mark Stephens are all there w/ their respecitve instruments, When Josh did Voce he played the drums, and my mom wws impressed. She had a great time. She is the one saying save my pennies and we'll get a Meet-n-Greet pkg next time. But back to the show, then there was an intromission and the band played some stuff, and the lady violinist is very much like Lucia M, she takes her shoes off and dances when she plays. I don't remember all names, I didn't see Vanessa Freebairn Smith tho.

But he was gone for a while, then he came out w/ no jacket, the crowd cheered and then he did Play Me (impressed my Mom AGAIN) and then YRMU and he had us sing so I was remiss and didn't have my words, don't know where the corus switches at times. I'm practicing that at Karaoke if I EVER do that again. HE HAD A SOFT GLOW AROUND HIM WHEN HE WAS SINGING PLAY ME AND YRMU!!!!! :)

But then he was "Awake" or "With You" and he didn't fly up to me...I was upset at that too, but then we maneuvered the steps again, me nearly throwing up. Then we got to the car, and we could NOT get out to go to the busses, THAT upset me, it was like they all knew I wanted that and just kept on coming, So we sat for a bit, I drank some coffee bc the let down and the headache started. The Grobanitis is still there, stronger than ever tho, it's still terminal bc I didn't get my hug/ we still ahve to keep an eye on it. But we got home at 1:11 am so we were gon precisely 12 hours!!!

But that is my better-written, more thought out recap of the recap, w/ more details and yes, it was fun meeting my Grobie friends but my mom and I both forgot to take pix of them! :( I did bring Glow'y sticks and then I forgot to turn them ON! LOL so, I'll put them back in a Josh Supply Kit for next time! ZOMJG!!!! But when I got home, I didn't have internet so I laid down trying to ward off my headache and as I was going to sleep I felt a presence sitting beside me...I like to think it was Josh and Michael. I woke up today and got dressed and took those pics. Now I'll go put it in my "Hi Josh" thread here and on the other site. YES I WAS HAPPY TO BE THERE AND WILL CHERISH IT ALWAYS, time to re-edit my facebook note as well.

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