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Good Grief!!

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on December 4, 2012 - 10:37am

Well. I have a LOT to say since I last wrote an entry in this journal.

Difficulty getting membership to FOJG and difficulty logging in and being able to access anything contributed to this problem!

Anyway, to bring you up to date, these are the occasions where I have seen Josh:

22/12/2004 Hammersmith Apollo London
12/02/2007 Mermaid Theatre - Friday Night Is Music Night
06/06/2007 Hampton Court Palace, London
24/11/2010 Union Chapel, London
11/10/2011 Hammersmith Apollo, London
12/10/2011 Symphony Hall, Birmingham
14/10/2011 Bridhewater Hall, Manchester

I have only one photo with him which was taken at Hampton Court Palace, he looks tired and I look high (LOL!) but the point is, his arm was around my shoulders and mine was around his waist. I just remember thinking that he needed to eat some pies LOL! But I have lots of autographs, including one on a long sleeved t-shirt which I am rather pleased with.

Apart from that, I have changed my career, I'm now an Administrator in a department within the University of Leicester, I started in the middle of September 2012, after 6 months full of 114 job applications and 14 interviews. Yes, really, a 10:1 ratio!

Oh and also, I have a habit of being on holiday either when tickets to see Josh become available OR even when he's on tour. I don't do it on purpose, it just happens that way! Very little notice between ticket availability and the publishing of UK tour dates..!! :D

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