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Josh on Ellen

ssambor's picture
on April 29, 2011 - 11:06pm

I finally managed to watch one of Josh's television appearances! I'm usually at work. But today I got to see the Ellen Show! It was great, the entire show! Josh was funny and charming. I love that song he sang too - "Galileo" - and his voice sounded FABulous. On another note, I was so pleasantly surprised by the guest appearance of Orlando Bloom! Glad to see he's still in the movie business. He sort of dropped out of sight for a while, and now he's got his baby boy. No mention if he'll be in The Hobbit though. I hope to see Legolas back in Mirkwood! It was a good show today, and not only because Josh was on it. Well, that did make it appreciably better. But then I'm biased. That Ellen is such a kick!

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