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tasiax's picture
on September 29, 2010 - 8:58am

okay first journal on this new website. I am rather quiet on this site. I am quiet on most sites. FB I am a little more vocal on but then I am on that everyday. I am not on this site everyday. I am looking at the picture next to my jornal and it looks like Josh is wearing old jeans around his neck... hmmm what a fashion statement. yes I know it is probably a knited high price scarf that now everyon will want to wear. I had lots of good intentions this morning. I was going to go for a walk then rake or pick up branches. but so far I have had cheerios and finiished my FB apps.... I still plan to go for that walk but in a few min. Y&R is on. it isn't like I have to watch it so maybe I will skip it today ya that sounds good. okay going to get my shoes on and my pedometer and take that walk... okay I will admit that Josh's smile right next to my journal gave me a little encouragement...

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