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Day I... The Journey Begins

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on December 4, 2011 - 8:13pm

The journey begins today...

Sitting back earlier today, I reflected on all that has past (again) and the uncertainty of what the future might bring.

Thinking about it, 2011 was definitely a year to remember to say the least...
- 1/11 : Auto accident / car hit by 45-50 ton moving vehicle. Missed 2 days of work due to intense pain (spent days in bed)
- 2/11: Purchased new car
- 2/11 - 11/11: More medical/chiropractor appointments than anyone can count
- 5/11: Attended 1st Josh Groban Concert w/ friend (in Moline, IL)
- 6/11: Lose job due to budget cuts (1 week prior to leaving for vacation)
- 6/11: (1 week after losing job) 2 week vacation in Europe (cruise on Danube River: visiting Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, & Hungary)
- 8/11: Attended 2nd Josh Groban Concert w/ friend (in Milwaukee,WI)
- 11/11: Received medical clearance from doctor / Attorney started working on lawsuit (for auto accident)
- 12/11: Landed part-time job at local grocery store in bakery dept. / Will be starting job (12/5)
- 12/11: Set an early New Year's resolutions...
1.) Log back into SP (start logging fitness / meals, spin the wheel daily) & create a flexible fitness program.
2.) Journal (daily if possible) either here, on another website or (dare I say it) in a journal book.
3.) Start a blog to track the progress of recovering from all that I lost, the things I've gained & my experiences along the way

Phew, that's a lot. My head's spinning just thinking about it (again).

So, what does my immediate future hold? At the moment, I have no idea which can often be half the fun. But, hopefully a full-time job is not too far down the road to recovery.

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