Concert Stories

Josh Groban Concert Stories

Josh's concerts are always interesting - but everyone's recollection is a little different. What were your favorite moments? What's the closest seat you've ever had to Josh? Were the people around you singing along? Share your stories, so we can document the JG live experience in detail.

John Williams was not a Josh Groban concert at was a John Williams concert, but of course, I had the taste of hearing one of the most incredible film composers ever, in New York at the Avery Fisher Hall with my brother (in memorian)!!
It was amazing... unfortunately, Josh wasn´t there at this concert, but I hope one day I will see both together on STAGE! My brother will be there with me (in the heart and in the mind)!! I am sure.
Thanks Josh for all your great music, especially that one from The Polar Express (BELIEVE) such an amazing music, so spontaneous, so of the best ever!!
See you around...maybe here in Brazil!!

I´m Waithing for a show here in São Paulo ~ Brasil

I would like to see a show here soon!!!!

I never been to Josh concert

This is because when I knew abouth him he did have concerts but not where i live at. still that is ok for me I know I will have the oportunity to see him in person some day.He is a great singer, and with a big hart.

Josh at Tanglewood - NOT!

I got tickets to see Josh at Tanglewood years back with my husband and another couple. We got there early so we had time to settle in and figure out where our seats were. The show was that evening and we had a long time to wait for it to start, so my husband and I decided to walk around the grounds and check it out. We strolled all around checking out how beautiful everything there was, the grounds were gorgeous! We got to an area that was a pretty open space and across the grounds I spotted a man who resembled Josh. Same build, same brown curly hair etc. The man was walking towards us and I started thinking, could that be him just walking around taking it easy before the show????? As the man got closer, I kept thinking thats not him, well maybe it is, maybe not, I couldn't tell but I was certainly convincing myself that it was! The man walking across the grounds was coming right towards us as if to stop and say hello. My stomache began to do flips, my mind was racing, OMG what do I say to him other than hello???? I squeezed my husbands hand so tight, he said hey, why are you squeezing my hand so hard. I whispered into his ear, it's him, it's him, OMG, it's him. WHO?

My one and only Josh concert

I've only been able to attend one Josh concert, and that was the March 15, 2005 concert in San Antonio, TX at the SBC Center. I had actually bought the tickets for my oldest daughter as a Christmas present. You see, March 15th 2005 was her 16th birthday! As a rabid Grobanite herself, I knew she would freak out when she realized she was spending her sweet 16 with Josh! ;)

The Day I Met Josh

It was March 8th, 2007, and my fiancee, Gabriel, and I were heading down from Maine to Connecticut for Josh's concert at the Mohegan Sun Casino. I was super excited because I had floor tickets, and I have never had floor tickets to a concert before.

Paris 2007

From the concert: 
Paris - 2007-06-03

I attended Josh's concert in Paris. I felt lucky because it wasn't advertised in the media. I happened to see a billboard ad and invited a friend.
It was brilliant. Josh walked among the audience mid-point and I've never seen that before. Certainly he was surrounded by four bodyguards, since he's not stupid. But it was wonderful to see an artist who's not afraid of his audience.
That said, I wonder who's writing the notes to the fans on the website and what Josh has been doing in the past 3 years.

You raise me up


You raise me up, is a song that I love wery much.
And it is the norwegian song-writher Rolf Løvland who write it.

In Norway we have a national quire contest. And my local zity priformed a wery nice wersion of this song in norwegian.
See it here:

Have a nice day!!

Josh Groban at Hampton Court

The first and only time I've seen Josh in concert. A wonderful, intimate gig in the grounds of the stunning Hampton Court Palace as part of the festival in June 2007. Couldn't have been more than 2000 people there so it was fantastic. Wasn't till after that that I realised how huge he was in the USA, hardly anyone had heard of him in the UK so it was extra special. Great concert, wonderful open air summer evening. Couldn't have been better.

Did not watch a concert live but just the Awake DVD

I just wanted to share my joy in receiving the DVD awake i ordered via internet. i sat on my sofa and watched it all. I am so pleased with it and it only increased my desire in one day being among the audience of such wonderful concerts. what i like most is Josh's approach to his fans. He's so ...! i can't describe it i just love all the attention fans get from him and he's so lively and energetic! i think he's got 'joie de vivre' as they say in french. and he is so successful in transmitting this joy to his fans!! Organisers please consider Malta for your next tour. Pleeeease!!