Watch Josh's Cooking Web Series - "Groban's Garden"

Watch Josh's Cooking Web Series - "Groban's Garden"

Watch two brand new episodes of a web series called "Groban's Garden." Josh heads into the kitchen with recipes from students to do a fun cooking show. "This has nothing to do with my music," Josh laughs. " we got these actual recipes from kids who are in elementary school in Hawaii and I did my best to fulfill their dreams - and it got a little silly!"

Episode 1 - Groban's Garden: Wiliam's Chocolate Cake

Episode 2 - Groban's Garden: A Challenge from Jennifer

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Love it! Is there a way to suscribe? I want more...and to be the lucky girl he cooks for on a regular basis. ;)

Ummm...I have to say the pickle garnish in the glass was a very nice touch. As to actually drinking some of that stuff, you are a braver person than I and I have been known for making some pretty interesting concoctions myself when I'm in the kitchen cooking for myself! Keep the "cooking" show coming!

only two words: NEED MORE!

Thank you so much keep on keeping on.
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Too funny. Just played them for my roommates. They're slightly grossed out, but they enjoyed nontheless (particularly the 6yo). The last one was super gross and I can't believe you actually drank some of that. I would have lost any contents of my stomach.

that's just too funny! encore!

HAHAHAHA, Hilarious! *----------------*

My kids loved this and we have come to the conclusion that you would make a really outstanding Wiggle. You might want to check that out while in Australia. wink, wink.

Hey Tori161
I think it's great that you have a different opinion. I don't want to speak for Josh or anything but I think he is really confident enough and probably doesn't mind at all you express it. So it wasn't your cup of tea.
I wouldn't jeer at you. Good for you. :) Cheers.

Oh, my! I'll probably get jeered for this, but - sorry - this was just too cutesy. I know you like to be silly sometimes, but this looked too staged. I don't want to see you in some ridiculous costume - I think you do fine just being yourself (or close to it.) I loved your Josh on Josh, and really get a kick out of the Buzzcocks and with Jimmy Kimmel. Those are all funny, but they're still YOU. Personally, I would love to see you on The Daily Show or Stephen Colbert. I think you would really shine there. I'd also like to see you on Morning Joe on MSNBC. That's a bit more serious, but I think you'd make a great guest. Still love you, though.

Sorry - hit the save button too many times!

these were wonderfully hilarious at the perfect moment. i've needed a good laugh lately and now you've given me that. thank you.

I was inbetween laughing and feeling nauseated. :) Dare I wax allegorical. This is how life ingredients are sometimes. Puke. Big smiles. A special thing to do for kids as an advocate to their creativity, though! If only we were so candid as adults. I hope you are well, especially after that. My favorite quote was something about cooking the germs away, and I also liked the oreos meeting the spinach. And I kept thinking, what a beautiful kitchen, seriously.

OMG!! That was hilarious. I hope there are more episodes to come. I haven't laughed that hard in awhile. :) I love how Josh keeps a straight face while preparing such crazy concoctions. Keep up the good work!!

Dear Josh:

Have you ever felt how heavy an iron cast Panini pan with a press is? It's phenomenal. I never realized how energized I would feel holding one in my hand. You pick it up and it's just like...

Immediate eye twinkles and sideward glancing. Buah ha ha!! Cackle!!
Who am I mad at?! :)

Shoot I had to come back and edit specify an iron cast one. The shape is just so amazing, the way it swooshes through the air...

Hi Josh! How are you? I'm really wondering.
I can't wait to see this.

I'm over here suffering through Pandora.

Oh my gosh! Pickle juice and sugar plus pudding?! How did u not gag on that. It sounds horrendious. You're so funny. :)


this is hysterical!! carrots are full of vitamin klsdjfalh (it's A btw) i'm seriously cracking up right now. Please keep making these!!!!! Josh, you NAILED the random tv chef comments too!

Josh ..u can cook for me anytime.. Della Jean is a lousy Im a mircowave person..

Josh ..u can cook for me anytime.. Della Jean is a lousy Im a mircowave person..

When you speak french I don't understand but your're so cute!!! ;p
So funny!!! Hope next videos come soon!!

Hilarious! Can't wait to see more! And, I can't believe that you actually tasted the pickle pudding shake - LOL

I'm having a hard time not checking up on this site, now...

Your album was about "Yearning to live and love fully and honestly"...

I see the same person behind the kitchen counter that I see behind the microphone.
I just...think it absolutely relates to your music.

You're so funny, i need some cooking lessons can you help me?! lol

Chef Groban certainly has come a long way. Only a year ago he was capable of whipping up Campbell's Tomato Soup, the one staple in his pantry. Look at him now. Wow. This is so funny I have watched it three or four times. This man is so multi talented. You can be rest assured that if there were any children watching this their mothers would have loved to ring the Chef's neck when he commented about the knives. So funny..... I love this man.

OMJ... May I have 3rds please.....

Oh man! That is making me hungry!

I almost beleve Josh can cook. Love you Josh, you make me laugh to tears. You are not just a great musician, I think you can be a great actor. thank you Josh.

Oh My Josh! How can such a talented musician be such a nut? I love you and the video. It really made me laugh. I can remember dreaming up recipes like that when I was a kid. You did a great job acting like a professional chef!!

Hahaha funny even though the recipe makes me vomit at least you makes me Laugh. Lol!

This is so funny!I had a really bad day today but you made me smile!I would like to taste this recipes!!what is next?! =)

You always entertain us Josh! You have taken a cooking show & brought it to a whole new level! Can't wait to see more!

i loved your face before you tasted that "drink".. so funny.. great episode.. both of them.. cant wait for episode 3.. thanks Josh.. <3

You have made my day. Love both of the videos...and kudos for actually drinking that disgusting concoction. You are truly dedicated. :)
If being a musician hadn't worked out for you, I think comedy would have.

Loved both episodes - think I prefer Jennifer's Challenge, especially when you tried your concoction at the end! Its so great to see you do fun off-the-wall stuff like this. More (of everything) please!

OMJ... Is there a limit?? ;-)

Josh,you make my laugh !! So GOOD!!!Merci becoup,
You made my day,and i needed that!!!

That was truely funny! That drink you made reminded my of a prank drink I made for my husband when we were dating, and he drank ALL of his! Keep the videos coming, and ask other kids for their "recipes"! My son is already thinking of one!

I cannot believe you actually drank that! I wanted to gag! Kudos for efforts. You're episodes are freaking hilarious!!!

More..........More............! Groban's Garden was so much fun to watch. It is very interesting to read recipes that have come from children.

Two thumbs up!

I loved these. Not only were they funny, but they were sensitive to the kids who wrote in. I think most adults, reading these recipes, would have let a note of cynicism or sarcasm creep into their voices, but not you. You kept an air of complete sincerity. I sense you have a naturally childlike part of your personality, which I could hear when the ice cream was getting to know the spinach and during some of the pouring.

I loved the part about how it would be ok for the kids to use the big knife to cut the little carrots at home -- sure -- was a bit surprised you didn't end up injured yourself.

I applaud you for finding a routine that was entertaining, attention getting, and innovative, while remaining sensitive and G rated.