Josh on the Glee Season Finale

Josh on the Glee Season Finale

Mark your calendars! Josh will be back on Glee this year, appearing in the Season Finale episode on June 8th. The episode marks the Regionals showdown between New Directions and Vocal Adrenaline. Of course, no competition would be complete without a panel of celebrity judges. Josh will be joining upcoming Glee guest Olivia Newton-John and Sue "Don’t Call Me Simon" Sylvester on the panel. Look for more details coming soon!

missed, but its on way back to my PC as i m downloading it back for me, i missed it because of my final term papers but i m free and searched this finale in different blogs and found it finally.

A few days ago, a friend asked me what I was listening to on my iPod, so I said Josh, and when he said "Who's that?" I finally got a chance to say "Who is Josh Groban? Kill yourself!" Ah...kinda sad how accomplished that made me feel.
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I saw this episode! It's a mind blowing Glee finale, according to a Brian Tracy review. I'm kinda sad that New Directions didn't won but glad that they still have that spirit to continue. Josh looks really cute here. Specially his curly hair.

I have missed this wonderful action show on my new led tv , It would have been an awesome experience to see Josh on the Glee Season Finals. Its always a wonderful experience to hear his husky voice. I love that guys.

I hope I can get a glee cast mp3 of Josh's song! I really his music, and the show!

Thanks, Josh, for your activity! It's hard job - to do all for music and you're doing so much for your fans - very careful and kind... I wish you great satisfaction from movie work too - andmire you as brilliant actor!
Good luck, dear friend!

Sending smiles,

This is great news. Only two wishes: More time--his parts were way too quick last time; and I wish he could play himself instead of the larger than life stage Josh. I'm sure he'll be great at whatever he does. The writers could've gone much further with the story and Josh's part. It'll be fun to see what Josh does as a judge.

I love the musicals they do--all the songs I remember from high school. The kids on the show are incredibly talented singers. I hope Josh will sing with them sometime. Can't wait!

Thank you Josh for the two special vocalist - Olivia Newton-John and yourself to appear on Glee. I was able to see Olivia Newton-John here in Houston, TX for my birthday 5 years ago. I am hoping I will be able to see you here in Houston one day soon!
Hope all is well with you and your family.

We'll have to wait for a long time but it will be worth it!
I put a reminder on my calendar and I hope you will sing too, it will be awesome if you do!

I dont watch Glee, but since Josh Groban will be in it, then well maybe i will watch it!! Love Ya Josh,

LOVE IT!!!! i'm so excited to see it!!!! =D

I loved the last one you were in. I hope they gave you a longer part this time.

great! i can't wait!!! glee and the new album

I'm sure my mom thinks there's something wrong with me... As soon as I read that he'd be on Glee again, I actually let out a series of strange squeals/squeaks. I can't wait! I so hope they let him sing, because like someone else said, it would be a great way to expose the rest of the world to the beautiful talent that is Josh Groban! :D
A few days ago, a friend asked me what I was listening to on my iPod, so I said Josh, and when he said "Who's that?" I finally got a chance to say "Who is Josh Groban? Kill yourself!" Ah...kinda sad how accomplished that made me feel. xP

June 8th will be an awesome day!

I really enjoy Glee and the amazing talent of the members of the Glee cast. It is truly a delight to hear the familiar songs in each episode with the "Glee" twist. I am also glad that Josh will be back on the show, but I wish his character wasn't so crude and slimy. I agree that it would be outstanding if Josh had the opportunity to sing on the show, especially if he could do a duet with Idina Menzel. Yes, I LOVE "Chess".

I'd like that Josh will sing on Glee next time, with humor or without it, but sing...! Josh, i love your sweet activity. Congratulations!

I just put it on the calendar so I remember to watch that episode. I wouldn't miss it. Can't wait!

I sooo LOVE Glee! And Josh on Glee is exponentially great! But I wish that he would SING on the would be such a great way to introduce a huge audience to his amazing voice!

I can't wait to watch it, the last episode with you and the "Acafellas" was hilarious. My sister and I will still quote it from time to time. Also it's just 2 days before my birthday! Season finale of Glee with included Josh Groban will be the best birthday present. =D

I love the Glee TV show, the music, and it is so different than anything else currently on TV. Glad Josh is having fun doing it.

I am smiling NOW!!! Something to watch on television. I will go into lockdown to avoid unwanted interruption!

Can't wait.