Illuminations Album Cover Revealed

Illuminations Album Cover Revealed

Here it is! The official cover for my new Album, Illuminations, coming in November. Hope you like it! Stay tuned for many more updates coming with all speed. -Josh

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Love the lights, love the hair, love all of you.

Yum. ;D

Hey Josh again I know you may not get this but have a good day anyway. I'd love to know what a day in your life is like. I follow your tweets and messages here so I have a good idea. I still think you could have chosen a better picyute for your new album, but who am I? lol

Dear Cherie,

of course, DUXBURY. I apologize for the stupid fault,
with your name.

Maybe, because my life is a bit chaotic these days.
(and my english is not so well, I know, but I try my best)

Thanks a lot, for your kindness and loving words. They`re really
make my day and I guess, you`re my angel today.:)

"Behind the clouds the sky is always blue."

True words. Sometimes it`s hard, being so emotional, but
I will follow my BRAVE HEART, as I`ve always done.

A warm and thankful hug to you. Take care :)


Hi Josh,

Just wanted to say that I really enjoy the music you do and just keep on helping all the people with youre songs. You can tell you are a nice person with a lot of emotions. Keep on giving. I LIKE! :-)

This photo definitely grows on you.


Your new song is AMAZING! I love how down to earth you are and how much you share with your fans! I hope you inlude Nebraska again in your tour. Your last stop in Nebraska was a TOP highlight in my life! Can't wait to buy your album. I hope you have a fan club edition!

Lori cabbagepatch
Omaha, NE

I can't wait to hear what is on the rest of the Album. Josh I'm spoiled with the last 3 albums.

You have the most amazing voice and when you sing "Alla Luce Del Sole" it sends chills up my spine.

Those albums mixed with english lyrics are my favorite.

Please don't stop singing in what I believe is in Latin.

I can't wait to hear what is on the rest of the Album. Josh I'm spoiled with the last 3 albums.

You have the most amazing voice and when you sing "Alla Luce Del Sole" it sends chills up my spine.

Those albums mixed with english lyrics are my favorite.

Please don't stop singing in what I believe is in Latin.

How cold does he look!

.... saw something I did not want to see and was "slightly shocked".....but heh.... "not a problem" over it, within a few minutes.......after all, there are far worse things than the odd "memory" being reinvoked.....

and what do you know about brain transplants and shock treatments?....attitude adjustments I can go along with... but only where appropriate......

.....sorry for the delay in replying......been busy "horse whispering"...... honest!!

I know that it is completely inappropriate for ME to be posting a reply..... who am I after all but some "odd" woman down somewhere "off Cornwall" but can I say that your sentiments are echoed (is that how you spell that word) by millions of others.....
So Gina and your "girlfriend" in Lichtenstein.... never give up brave and you will gain the strength to carry on through hard times.......


I am so sorry but I just can't help myself!!

My real name is Cherie (Eve) DUXBURY

And my Sunday has been extremely blessesd.......!!

I hope yours has too

Thank you Gina


Dear Joshua,

yesterday I sent the Download of "Hidden away" to a
close friend of mine, who lives in Liechtenstein.

She`s going through very hard times and your beautiful
song gives her so much hope and courage.

Again deep thanks from me and in the name
of my friend...sometimes I really wish,
I could do more...

...and again I got tears in my eyes,
but damn - I dare to feel.

"One drop love is so much more
than an ocean of mind."

Love you

P.S. Oct.5 2010
This evening I learned in my English Course: It`s close friend,
not "girlfriend". Oh my Gosh...what did I write?? ÄHHH...
so what, shit happens, so I made my whole class laugh :))

When will we get Josh Groban's Gospel Album??

I would love to listen to his voice everyday even while im asleep.
I wonder how many gospel songs he sang, besides christmas songs!!

I would love to listens more gospel songs from him..

Good Morning Josh I know the chances of you accually reading this are slim to none but its worth a try. I hope today brings you hapiness and joy. I know your songs bring me happiness and joy. have a good day

Thank you so much for your kind words.

Have a very happy and blessesd sunday.


my dearest... do you read thiese comments yourself????
if yes... may i ask you one request??????
i know it seems rude but,,,
plz plz plz plz... if you read this comment my best gift in whole world,,,,, plz send an email to my mail adress : and say : yes,,, as you say yes in awake concert, 2007
i love you
i want to be more than this,,,,near to you
i hope you,, dont disappoint me....
i m always waiting to recieve an email or message from you
my american idiol
i hope the best for youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


Incredible photos , fabulous song , wonderful voice .... you are the best !!!
The album cover is fantastic same as usual and i Can't wait for the new album.

I'm so proud of you, josh !!

Best wishes from Iran !!

Love you so very much !!!

Обожаю!! Офигенно выглядишь, очень жду когда куплю новый альбом.

hidden behind the folds of your a ruggedly looking artist that touched a million lives...seriously...u kinda look like you came from a desert safari though...:) are u trying not to smile during this photoshoot? a male mona lisa smile i guess....something between a smile and a smirk...

In my humble opinion, everyone grows and evolves as their own person and I can see it in these photos and hear and feel it in Hidden Away. This is who you are right now and that's great that you can express that in so many ways! Your fans love it and thanks so much for sharing. That's why I can't wait to hear and experience the rest of "Illuminations." If Hidden Away is any indication of the rest of the album's greatness, I'm telling you: "Instant classic!" :-D

And as a side note, you have inspired me once again and given me that little push to not give up on my dream. Even if it is on a smaller scale. ,-) Thanks a million!!! Best wishes...


LOVE. IT. Excellent pic.

Love the cover. Love your eyes. Love the song. Love you. Thanks for sharing Josh. You're the best!

Happy Patriot's Day. Is important to remember.
New picture is great. :) Have a good day and weekend, friend.

When are you coming to Ireland?

Oh Finally...!

Josh- You are as HOT as EVER! & the scarf is so perfect!

I can't wait for the new album! I adore you!

Josh, the other photo was more colorful and more sensual. Your fans know your eyes, and in the darker photo, we could definitely see them. This photo looks bland in comparison. You have to decide along with your team which you like best. Take our comments perhaps into consideration, but then YOU decide--that is what we all want, don't we???!!! We respect you, you have beautified our lives since we heard you on day please, choose the picture yourself.
Thanks Josh and jg team!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice pic. But all i know is whenever i walk by one of ur Nöel CDs in Wal Mart it hypnotizes me and it calls me to buy it! Do u want to know y?? Becuase ur eyes are ur money makes.(besides ur music) lol u shouldnt hide them. That's just my opinion.

Josh should explain why they chose it because the post production on it is way too much! And that top layer on his scarf makes me feel like it is pushing on his throat. With a title like Illiminations I'd rather see WOW lighting! But hey once I open the case and get the CD out that cover will go to the pile with the rest of them! Although I like his other covers ... maybe the real deal will look better (the cover I mean ... Josh always looks great). As long as the music is great I don't care.

realmente bella esta pic.....espectacular!!!! te esperamos por Colombia, seri un verdadero honor!!!!

It`s great .I like the look from you and the atmosphere in the background.A very good idea .
Love Astrid

His last tweet said he was in NYC

Hey Josh
I just wanted to tell I enjoyed your single and I am looking forward to the new album it looks like you are in New York in that picture am I right?

Are you okay?? somebody needs an attitude adjusment along with a brain transplant...or shock treatments would be good too.

Wonderful cover, thank you for all your work creating another treasure for us. love you

I can't believe it....Josh you just keep getting better looking....The cover is AWESOME!!!!!!I can't wait for the CD to hit the stores....The new single is truly a thing of beauty....You outdid yourself Josh...If the CD happens to come out on the 25 of November....I will be very Birthday as it happens...Josh you are Awesome....Thank You for the music...You Are Loved...<3<3

Hey, Josh, I am already in love with ur new song, hidden away. I would love to let EVERYONE know that I am originally Rosa G but I changed my name to Rosa Giberti (My Original Name) and I have a new icon. ;). But I will still have the same signature that I leave with every message. Have a good week!!
Rosa G

Hi there!

I can't wait to have and listen the new album.

Please come to ARgentina. you have a lot of fans here.


That young man singing " To Where You Are" & "Your Still You" on the raido 6 or 7 yrs ago... has grown so much! The album cover speaks for itself...
One AMAZING guy.... We are so lucky to have him recording music today in our society... he brings such love, witness, pleasure, solace, to his beautifuly written music... it's off the charts!
New words now out there to hold in our hearts forever.." I want to fee your heart... I want to see your heart... Please don't keep your heart hidden away...." Suzann

All I can say is WOW...looks great!

....... could not agree more!! Well said....I wish I could have said what you said so beautifully.....

....turns out I don't speak Spanish but I may possibly "understand" the language far more than I at first imagined.....

..... and between you and me, my daughter's "current" boyfriend is fluent in Spanish because he has a Spanish mother called "Angeles"...

Dios te bendiga siempre......x

Josh is an angel among angels.

I think, everybody is an angel for somebody, sometimes.

We`re all angels, sent out by our loving GOD, to heal the world.

Every single one got a bright light inside, but the most of us
have just forgotten.
The Native American say:

"We are all one child spinning through Mother Sky"

I believe, Joshs light is shining bright and he`s an inspiration
to us, doing the same. Thank you, Josh.

So dare to shine and at last "OUR" light will reach the universe...

Thank you so much.

Love and blessings to all of you.♥


Love the picture for your album, it's gorgeous! And the new song Hidden Away is beautiful! It took al little getting used to, but I realy love it now. Can't wait for the album and your tour!!

Good luck with everything!

Laura (The Netherlands)

I would like to hear your interpretation of this cover and the title....& the reason behind choosing them..=)..I would appreciate that..^_^v


.....Just listened again WOW!! are definitely inspirational....who wrote the words to this one.... or have you already told your fans and I missed it?

.....I think the photo is just about right now, but then your "team" will know far more about getting it right than I would ever begin to know......

....and I think the words, as usual, come from the heart and from personal does the fact I would go so far as to say that both the music and the words come from "the soul"....

yeah! it's more brighter now! an angel down from heaven and illuminating the whole street! those eyes are more enlightened (just as the neck ^^).
Seriously, the storm can rise now, and devastate all the world!
You go sir!