Straight To You Tour Band Introduction

Straight To You Tour Band Introduction

In Josh's latest video blog, get to know his band members and see them in action at tour rehearsals. Watch the video below and visit the Tour Page to purchase tickets and find out when he will be in a city near you.

The album offered a more modern vibe to Groban's voice by using more instruments aside from the occasional classic piano accompaniment in his previous albums. The album also featured Groban's head voice technique as evident in most of the tracks in the album. generic drugs

He is my all time favorite singer. His songs are all powerful.

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Josh Groban - Always amazing live!


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To say that this concert held in the St Pete’s Time Forum, Tampa on the 29 of October was an “Affair to Remember” is putting it lightly. The night was rainy, the hospitality warm and the crowd an eclectic mixture of all ages with one thing in common, love for Josh Groban’s music and his easy and humble style of performance which has grown to sincere professionalism over the years. This young man is at his best on stage and has a unique and winning way of reaching out to his audience in an intimate and classic style. With a voice that allows one’s soul to ascend to the heavens, Josh is always eager to please, and please he certainly does!
Groban hit the deck running from the back of the theater to an island stage which indeed seemed to be floating above the audience and was situated mid theater. There he performed three songs beginning with the gorgeous “You Are Loved” followed by “February Song”. Also done mid theater was his song “”The Wandering Kind”, which Groban actually wrote at the age of 12. Proceeding to front stage, up the steps he ran, grabbed a microphone and began singing in a show that lasted more than two hours. Beautiful piano solos included his extraordinary tribute to his new home in New York City, “The Bells of New York City”. This piece was performed with the back drop of the Brooklyn Bridge, as well as brick walls and stone streets which remained behind Josh throughout the entire concert. A rousing rendition of the Herbie Hancock “Machine” got the crowd on their feet as Josh jived and set the hearts of all of his fans on edge and me wondering how much of this song was the true life of so many successful performers in the world today.
Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of watching a Josh Groban concert is familiar with his musical director, Tarigh Akoni, genius on the classical guitar and top of the line showman in his own right. (btw, loved the little dance done by Tarigh and bassist, Andre Manga. They were clearly having fun!) Selected from his larger orchestra were Tim Crow on percussions, Mark Stevens, funky keyboard, Gary Novak and Andre Manga, as well as a combination of 4 string instruments and French horns which added a rich and sad addition to Josh’s piano and voice in his touching “”War at Home,” as well as “”Broken Vow,” where the resonating French horn was played directly stage right and on top of the front row.
Genius was the fact that Josh Groban incorporated people of all ages in his concert show. He introduced a nine year old little girl, spoke with her, a single woman, and a couple who had been married for over fifty years and brought them all up on stage for wine and milk. Everyone in this particular scenario was perfectly at home as if they were sitting in Josh’s living room enjoying a great concert while we all sat, mouths open and giggling at the entire scenario.
I loved this concert, every single moment of it. Although Groban was fresh off a European Tour, he was pitch perfect and fun! It is always a pleasure for me to review this musical genius, and my favorite song? Well, “Per Te” of course.
Janet K. Brennan
Author, Publisher, International book Critic

It sure looks amazing and I would love to take part of this event and all the other concerts that will be soon but all events are really far from my place and would need hundred if not thousands to just see one concert.
So better I will go to air force bases

WOW, it is very GRREEEAAATTT Video. I want to be there. :D

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Such an amazing band. Hoping you come back around to the US soon!! xoxo

Sabrina @PS

More good stuff - Josh always keeps his fans upto date with behind the scenes stuff. It is a pleasure to play his music at all our London corporate events and London bars. Keep it up.

WOW, true talent through and being able to watch these videos of all the preparations for the tour. Can't wait.

Hola guapo...! Thank you very much for posting these videos....the ones that can't go we do really appreciate that!.

The "GROBAND" is one of the best bands ever, no doubt.

Again, a big thank to all of you!!

I`m looking forward, to see you all on stage, or, as we say
in Germany: "Live und in Farbe." :)

well josh you did it again as long as you leave tark and tim and andre and mark stephens you are golden. I still have a upright bass, guitar, piano chello player for you in st louis I will be happy to hook you up He is at webster college studing to be a music person and he even writes music check it out new music ensemble on facebook

So how amazing would it be to get picked to be the FOJG Road Reporter for the concert in London, Ontario! Here's a hoping! I have front row and center seats which is just unbelievably awesome! I can't wait! I had a dream last night that I met him in person! And no there was no romantic element to it! I am much to civilized for that! LOL! But none the less it was awesome meeting him in my dream! So we must make this a reality, wouldn't you say! I have been such a huge fan for ........ well do I dare say.....since his appearance on the show Ally McBeal! I feel like I'm in Elementary school and in Gym class waiting to be picked for a good old game of Dodge Ball and internally screaming "Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Ha Ha!

Wow, that sounded great. Four strings and four horns seems like the perfect mix to go with the band and to let the gorgeous melodies and vocals shine.

Tariqh,good to watch you! And introducing the band members to us.Do you have different earings????
I am going to attend two concerts.And enjoy the Sneak Peaks very much!
Keep them coming!!!!!

AWESOOOOOOMEEEEEEEEEE Groband..sounds fun!! yes i know u Mr. Tarikh Aquni..u r the incredible guitar player on earth and surprisingly the musical director :) :) u guys are all cool!!!!! ok, good luck...!!!

Amazing band Josh! And the sound of "Você existe em mim" played in this video is really wondeful. Its so good to hear that there are so many incredible musicians playing with you. By the way, I love the the sound of Tarigh's guitar in the last tour. I know he is a good friend of you. This is also one of the reason I like him very much. Thanks for post this sort of videos. It reveals what is going on behind the scenes of one more big event you are preparing for your fans. Kiss from Brazil. We love you and all the musicians too.

Nice Groband!!!

Counting days to see you and the Groband!! _0/

Love seeing the band...both returning and new members. I can't wait for August!

Tar! don't get to hear you very much... voila! and here you are.. Thanks for the intro!

Amazing! I can't wait to see you in Kansas City - the fortune cookie has fortold of a wonderul meeting! lol :)

Thanks for another great pre-tour video, it's nice getting to know your musicians that you have. I wish you and the rest of the band good luck as you get ready to start your tour. I'll see you in Portland Oregon in August!

Nice to know the members of your band. I know Tariqh who always there with you in every show. He's Great! The fans are so excited to watch your concert. How I wish I could join them too bad I'm in different place. Well Good Luck!!! :-)

One, two I L U

Your AMAZING!!!!

Thanks so much for the sneak peek! Your band and Tariqh are simply great. I'm so excited to see and hear you all live performing.
Counting the days....!!!!!!!!!

You are FANTASTIC Josh! I could watch these videos all day! 23 days until Moline!! :) :)

...thanks for introducing the band members! ;) they're fantastic and I'm sure you're all gonna do a phenomenal job on tour!!

Nice! So fun to hear from the director. This is going to be amazing. Thank you for the update.

Thanks so much for another video. They keep us all excited about the tour! Special thanks to Tariqh for leading the way and for all you do for Josh. I'm counting down the days!

Wow, this was another very nice surprise, thank you for sharing, I'm enjoying the vlog updates :-D