New Album Video Teaser

New Album Video Teaser

Get a quick sneak peek at the recording process of Josh’s forthcoming album. Watch the embedded video above or click here to view on YouTube. Don’t forget to subscribe to Josh’s YouTube channels for the latest studio videos and news about the upcoming album.

this is reall cute...sorry about your grandmother Josh...she passed away on my birthday...its hard to work when some-one you really loved has passed on my heart goes out to you Josh

Josh Groban...jute show take a dignified stance. You have touching voice,hair raising voice...inspirational,great should do alleluia for that :)) I hope,you never breach your noble stance...I'm just 19 years old but your songs ripen me
"either seem as you are or be as you seem" ı hope you wear one's heart on one's sleeve.. I am sorry,if I mispronounced my thought.
Always be happy, dear Groban

i love u josh

ur so nice voice


i love u josh

i love u josh

iam beth from the philippines

i love u josh

ur a good voice

iam beth from the philippines

i love u josh

ur a good voice

Really love your voice...'d like to duett with you.Did it virtually.Watch and tell me what U think of it.

I can't wait for the new album. I've always loved your music. :)

Dear josh,
Thank you, it was funny.
I'm so excited to listen to the your new songs...

I am a HUGE fan of yours ever since I was about 7 years old. My mother and I saw you in concert when I was 9 years old at Roberts Stadium in Evansville Indiana. I am now 18, and still to this day, your concert has been the most outstanding I have ever been too. Your voice always never fails to blow me away! I wish that you would go on tour again! You are a very talented man and are quite the character!!!! I am excited for the next album to come out! Lots of love your way.

dear josh,
I love your music
I love your voice
I have you on my home page of my facebook
I'm waiting for your show in Brazil soon
PS: so sorry, but my english isnt so good .... kisses ...

Hi, I'm Waiting for the New Album y Know your are Professional at making great and wonderful music..

Hi, I'm Waiting for the New Album y Know your are Professional at making great and wonderful music..

If you haven't thought to check out Josh Groban on YouTube, check it out. There's some good stuff.

Ya lo espero con ansia y le deseo mucho éxito. Felicidades!

I am so ready I hope this album is like previous

Hello Josh, I'm very happy with the new album, I'm really anxious for more of this great gift. Wishing you
Love you always!

i have all your music, will be nice when your new one comes out. i for sure will be buying it. you have a beautiful voice. sometimes it reminds me of the voice of Mario Lanza, but i love yours better. have a great day. hope to see you someday.

Hello Josh and all FOJG, first forgive my bad english,but I'am from Germany. Me and my wife become fans, some years ago, but this is our first time here on this page. What we want to know, are coming to Germany anytime? If you are , we would like to see you there.
Greetings Joachim from Germany

i am so ready i hope this album is like closer or awake which are my favorite albums by him.

Hi Josh? Every time I listen to your voice I am blown away! I am so impressed by your talent. I used to have a beautiful voice and can write songs. I know that my life would have turned out better had I taken a different path, You are too professional to want to team up with someone like me. I no longer believe in dreams or happily after. I look at my life and what I have become a sad , lonely person who trusts no one. I commend you for following your dreams.

" Music Between the Lines"
Is the soul of the song in time
Take me their, where we should walk
Tell me the story of your heart
Music Between the lines

Its like the soul of fine soup
It completes the sauce
It is the secret of the receipe
That makes it "mmauh" :)

Love the teaser! Can't wait to hear what is coming. Happy u seem to be having such a good time with this CD,, as it should be!

I can't wait for this new album. Your music is like a drug to me. I'm in desperate need of a new dose of your wonderful sound into my ears. You sing like a God. Love you.

I cannot wait for this album! I beg of you to please come back to Cleveland, OH on your next tour. We had the most amazing experience at your last show there, and I'd do anything to see you in concert again. :-)

Keep it up Josh, I'm relay inspired by you and your singing and keep doing what you do best and keep moving forward!!! :) Your #1 fan!

I remember Josh saying that he wanted to get back to a certain style of music with this new album. I hope we get a Closer Awake type album.

C'est de la torture !!!!

May all your dreams come true!

Is there any chance of a tour ever coming close to Montana? Would love to attend a concert, but just too far away!

As always, he's gorgeous!!! And funny! Just can't wait much longer, Josh!!! HURRY>>>PLEEEEASEEEE!!!!!!!

Good luck with the album. Waiting for new songs


Link to instrument that Josh is clicking

look good josh man .lol thanks for the tease not work too hard ok. ps plz come to billings mt for ur tour....

Josh,you sure know how to make me curieus!!!!
Followd by, If i walk away,,,,,,,,,and the rest!
Thanks for putting it on,I follow you all ready on You Tube!!
Good night!

Yes Josh ... this sound is my watch counting the seconds to listen to your new album! Have a good time with your new recordings and with your great band. :)

Thanks Josh for the little tease, can't wait for the new album and look forward to coming again to your concert, when you announce your next tour. lol

I suppose it is important to have a good time. Thank you for sharing.

No doubt about our Josh. He certainly likes to keep us guessing!

Thank you for this teaser Josh! Seems you and your band (Groband?) are having a great time at the studio! :))

And If I walk away...
Please follow me!

God do I love you...

LOL, Thank you so much for this, I did like seeing all the Wonderful instruments that will be in your Awesome Upcoming Album:)!! I am soo looking forward to hearing some of your Beautiful Music:D!!

lol.. Thank you for that.. so're such a creep.. can't wait to meet you some day I owe you a whack just for being so damm cute.. Hey good luck.. :)

What is that thing that Josh is clicking with?

So funny Josh... more please! The photo flashes are awesome, clicking sound is contagious... still hungry to hear new music, new lyrics, new album! Great to see you laugh, have fun and let's get this done!

Love it beat, love the sound, hummm or is that a clock I hear? what a teaser... you are lookin' mighty fine tho! l do does the Groband! AND.... if that's the start of the main course, what could be for dessert?

LOL! I'm glad you're having fun. I think its obvious why fans love you Josh. I cannot wait for th album to come out.

It's good to see you having so much fun this time around... as it should be!