Josh's Office Episode Postponed

Josh's Office Episode Postponed

This is is something exciting. I have never seen this before but, I will definitely spend some time for this. - Arthur van der Vant

Never seen The Office before (english or american version) but i will be watching just for you josh!

I will see on brazilian TV !! :)

Yeah and you'll be on our square tv?? I can't wait to see ...

I will look for it next week.. actually that look says a thousand words coming out of that door.. I love it.... I think you know what I mean...especially w/ that discombobulated tie.." that was a rough one huh" anyhow.. can't wait to see it.. :) Peace..xo

I will definitely be looking forward to seeing it :D!!

Thanks for letting us know Josh. We were just looking on our TV guide and it wasn't there. I came on here to see when, so I'll watch for next week.

Still showing as "The Boat" on schedule for tonight. Would have wondered what happened. Thanks for telling us!!

thanks for the heads up!