Official 'All That Echoes' Press Announcement

Official 'All That Echoes' Press Announcement



November 19th, 2012 — Burbank, CA — Internationally renowned, multi-platinum recording artist Josh Groban has announced that he will release his eagerly anticipated sixth studio album, entitled All That Echoes, on February 5th, 2013, on Reprise Records. All That Echoes was produced by Warner Bros. Records Chairman Rob Cavallo, who has also worked with Green Day, Dave Matthews Band, and many others. Other producers include Walter Afanasieff (Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson) and Lester Mendez (Shakira, Nelly Furtado).

All That Echoes will be available for pre-order via Amazon beginning November 20th and iTunes the week of November 27th. A direct-to-fan version, containing bonus material, will also be available exclusively via Groban’s website, More details about this special edition will made public in the coming weeks.

“From beginning to end, this project has blossomed with absolute joy and inspiration,” Groban says. “Together with Rob Cavallo and all the incredible collaborators, we set out to create songs that could bridge the old and the new, the light and the dark of life and love ... all that echoes in our souls. This album makes me feel good, and I hope others feel the same way.”

“Josh is a consummate musician,” Cavallo says. “He is a true talent, an unbelievable singer, and a friend who has totally inspired me. We both took risks we wouldn’t have taken without one another, and, as a result, the music flies higher than I ever thought possible. I love this album and am extremely proud of it. It’s a sonic adventure that reaches deep into the soul and I can’t wait to share it with the world.”

Groban first broke through in 2001 with his self-titled double-platinum debut album, followed by 2003’s multi-platinum Closer, featuring the smash hit "You Raise Me Up," and 2006’s double-platinum Awake. In 2007, the Grammy-nominated star became the best-selling recording artist of the year thanks to sales of Awake and his blockbuster Grammy-nominated Christmas album, Noel — the best-selling album of 2007. Groban ranks as Billboard’s 14th top-selling artist of the 2000s with more than 20 million units sold in the U.S. alone and 25 sold million worldwide. He is the only artist who has had two albums appear on the Top 20 Best-Selling Albums list of the past decade, according to Billboard. Over the last two years, Groban has completed a sold-out world tour in support of his fifth album, the platinum-selling Illuminations, appeared in the feature film Crazy, Stupid, Love, as well as on NBC’s The Office, and launched the Find Your Light Foundation, which is dedicated to enriching the lives of young people through quality arts education.

EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Josh, you are the greatest and best friend a Grobanite could wish for. Great picture and love the coat. I know that "All that Echoes" will be fantastic.

God Bless You and see you on stage soon.
Your devoted Grobanite #299 Sallyjjrose :)

Can't wait!!! Really need to hear some new JOSH....

Sooooooo excited !!! can't wait.....really can't wait !!!!

Released on my birthday!! Yay happy birthday to me!

i will be thrilled when your new album comes out in Feb. i will certainly be buying it. you have a beautiful voice and i will be enjoying the new album.

I am ecstatic! That's quite a group of producers that worked on this album!

It's going to blow us away with awesomeness!
\m/ Josh!

Sooooo thrilled about All That Echoes.....You're a little speedier this time around.....You've produced nothing but brilliance through your voice.....Can't wait to get inside your echoes, Josh......Thank you so very much...........................................

I'm so happy to learn that it will be a special edition of this new record (as the Illumination's one). Looking forward to buy it asap :-D

Cannot wait ! But can someone tell me what album I have missed as I discovered JG singing ' You're the only place' and I cannot find this song on any of the albums. and it is so beautiful. The words are stunning

This is great news! I'm sure he's glad to be out of the "fishbowl" and excited that he can finally tell us about this project. Thanks, Josh! You and your team have been hard at work, and we appreciate it!

All That Echoes..I wonder what Josh was thinking when he came up with this title. Maybe the echo of a wine glass, or just a reference to the WYSYLM lyric? The wood paneling behind him reminds me of the studio, or a wine cellar and the accoustics of them both. I wonder what else Josh and his team have in mind with this album. Can't wait to find out!

Christine from Wisconsin :)

Oh wow, I'm happy to pre-order!!! :D :D :D

CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!

so happy and a "twitter" that you are now finis! Now take a few moments to rest and spend time with Sweeney and "ECHO" his howls of happiness for you!

Really Sorry I Do Not Know What Happened ? As this Posted 4 Times Weird ? I only clicked on send once !

Ooooooops Triple Post

Ooooooops Sorry Double Post !

Josh is a man of his word ! I had the Great Pleasure of meeting with him , durning the last 3 day that he co-hosted the Kelly Show (July 16th - July 18th) and I had the Good fortune to actually spend sometime with and talk with him durning the breaks in the show . One of the things we talked of was the new album . Josh's face and eyes were as bright and glowing like a child on Christmas morning sourrounded by presents all around the tree . Josh got really excited , when he spoke of the many talented people that he would be working with on this new album . He could not wait to make this project into a reality ! When we spoke of the album , I asked if he knew or had a date in mind for the realese ? Josh told me that it would be in Feb. around the 5th of the month give or take a couple of days , but he was certain that it would be in Feb. and that he was sure of . For meetimg Josh and spending 3 days with him was once in a lifetime memory that this Grobanite will never forget ! I can not wait to see and hear the fruits of Josh's and other talented Artists' labor ! Josh was also very excited about the up coming concert ! Which was only 3 days away on the 2lst of July at the Winery in Nappa Valley , California and new partnership and calabration with them to promote this new album and a wine both to be sold in the Winery's gift shop ( do not remember if the wine will bare his name or song title or neither ) ! I guess we will have to also Wait and see what happens with this ? One thing for sure Josh is one very busy guy and has Great marketing skills !

Great job, Josh. I will love to listen to it!!!

Oh can't wait. Congrats and I am looking forward to getting this new CD. The date is maked on my 2013 calender, and I will also be putting the songs on my Ipod. I love the pic.
I just love you and that angel voice of yours.

Congratulations on your new Album.. Heck if I wasn't working a full time job I woud concentrate on music too.. I'm happy for you Josh.. It better be a good one or I'll have to beat you down..:).. Thank you for the update.. Wish you all the best Babe.. Peace.. :)xo

my comment went in too many times.. :)sorry




I am so so so glad for the new album. I always buy 2 one to listen to and one for my private collection, i have to make sure their is a real backup. Your outstanding voice and music give meaning to my life and i only listen to your music every day. <3 :)


Very excited! :o)

SO excited!!! And SOOOO proud to be a Grobanite!! AND thank you so much for all your hard work. You are the BEST :)

Absolutely love it so far, my will never disappoint.AMAZING picture..and I'm gonna get that spork!!

I want it now , cant wait have to save up my pennies first though

Josh,i am so exited about All that ECHOS!!!!
I shall wait for the announcement on the Grobie Board!!!
Because i want the FAN EDITION!!!!!
The cover is GREAT!

WOW agan congratulation Joshua.. i'm really happy for you and your team,etc.. it's so great and thanks for all.... tomorrow is will be incredible day.. good luck in everything..have a awesome and funny day . a lot of Besitos and Cariño from the end of the world.. JS

I am so excited I just can't handle it! O my gosh! I'm sorry, I know I seem over the top but you are my absolute favorite. I get sick of listening to anything other than you because nothing compares. Thank you for doing this, Josh. I hope you had a lot of time for yourself as well. You are hard-working and do a lot. I can't wait to hear your voice. I'll probably have your CD on repeat for the next few years ;)

Thanks again,



Can´t wait too!! Special greetings from Germany!! Jana&Ralf

Congratulations from Denamrk. Josh you are - wll i can find the word anyway - want you beck to Denmark on tour. I will flollw you. Always.
I hope so deaply that i can get one speceilt edition specily for you truly fan.

Congratulations Josh !!! we cant wait !
From Buenos Aires, Argentina, we send to you our deepest LOVE....we're still anxiously waiting for you right here....please, give us a chance to enyoy your wonderful Music...!
Big Hug

So proud... Amazed... Mesmerized by your conviction and talent. You never stop... always working your tail off, giving your all. I will wait for the direct-to-fan version as that will be extra special. Otherwise, I would be preordering on Amazon tomorrow! Sit back, kick your shoes off, breathe... play with your best pal (Sweeney), Chillax. For the morrow holds much to do... I smell a tour on the horizon! Thank you, Josh, for all you do and staying true to who you are. DJ

Well done Josh - can't wait to hear it! The sleeve cover is beautiful.. Good picture!

I'm bursting with pride, my friend! Everyone I know in my circle of fans is chatting it up, and my little world is small right now! I want to run and kiss your parents for birthing you! The Olympian level of talents you assembled, and who so eagerly signed on to help you craft this is staggering. Just be really good to yourself, physically, mentally, emotionally, for all the joy and elation yet to come will be stressful as well. You have loving friends here, not just howling crazywomen! HA! Please remember it. I know WBR has so much to care for you, but I frankly don't trust anyone with my friends except me! (LOL!) That was mean(sorry). The cover is gorgeous, your best. Breathe, be peaceful, play with you hairy baby. toss anything our way. I'm rather bright, actually, most of your mob are! I say I love almost every day. Can't help it. Still offering to be your personal assistant/sock counter/ sushi fetcher/cook and bottle washer ! Say the word, I'm in LA in 12 hours. LOL! No, really. Laugh, love, laugh! The madwoman of New Hampshire, still dancing. The Winter Solstice is coming, an ancient herald of every new year's promise and fruiting. Judy--

Like everything about it so we just wait...sigh...I hate waiting...sigh...

Like everything about it so we just wait...sigh...I hate waiting...sigh...



Sooooooo good!!! News are really flying this time. I'll say it again: I have such a good feeling about All that Echoes!!!
Thanks so much, Josh and Co.

So excited!!!! <3

Really cant wait.. We will be able to pre-order it from FOJG, right?!