New "Brave" Teaser Video! Watch Now!

New "Brave" Teaser Video! Watch Now!

Get ready for Josh's new album by watching this special "Brave" teaser video, streaming now on YouTube.

The full song is available for download on iTunes and part of the All That Echoes fan edition pre-order, available here.

Loved it. Want to see more.

Beautiful song! beautiful voice! can't wait for the CD...! Love from Argentina!

Oh my the new haircut (and of course the amazingness that is this video)!! This song gave me the courage to tell someone I was interested in seeing where things could go between us, and even though I never heard back I was brave and didn't run from my fear of rejection. Words are not enough to express my thankfulness!

Today is my day to be brave and leave a comment about "Your reason to be Brave". I get simultaneous chills and tears over the lyrics:..."all that you thought was wrong is pure again". I have the utmost respect and admiration for you. You are such a kind and generous person and you are SO good to your fans. I pray for your happiness and ability to be able to take some time for yourself. I can only guess that living up to being you can be exhausting! Stay strong, you have blessed us all to an unimaginable extent. It would be dreamy to see you on tour...Love you much!

this song is so powerful. ahhh i love it so much!

"Brave" Was Absolutely FANTASTIC; You sang Beautifully:D!! This song is so Motivational; Inspiring :D!!, Thank You so Much for Sharing it:D!!!

well, here i am again. just love hearing the music Brave over and over again. it is a beautiful song. will be real happy when the cd is available to buy. love your voice Josh.

Qué bonita canción de Josh "Brave" se escucha muy emocionante yo cada que la escucho me emocionooo urgeee que ya llegue el 5 de febrero para poder adquirir este cd que se ve buenisimo, ójala que con este album Josh se anime y visite mi pais México, saludos

I shouldn't be spending any more time sending messages but I can't help myself. I just have to say I simply cannot get over that beautiful angelic expression that greets me every time I go to Josh's website! !
Oh well - back to reality. Time to cook the dinner!

Great video clip, Josh. I love all the expressive hand actions as you sing. This song's a real winner and we haven't even seen the whole video yet. Just can't wait for the rest of it. Thanks so much, Josh. Actually, the time is passing more quickly than we thought - thanks to all these teasers you're giving us.
By the way, saw you on the Graham Norton show a few days ago. Very very funny and you certainly looked as though you were enjoying yourself! We laughed a lot!

i just love hearing the music Brave. that is why i get here and listen to it every night. just love it. will be great when the cd comes out. i know i will be there to buy it. you have a beautiful voice Josh, keep on singing. hope to meet you someday.

Love it!! Thank so much for helping and understanding. Josh, you are an angel on earth ;)

Now you and all your fans knows that you have got one stupid fan - well it could have been worse and I can live with it ;).

Sorry - "Echoes" it should have been and I'm so excited over this teaservideoclip so I tried to download it from iTunes - but it is not yet there and not yet released - me stupid = yes!

A wonderful and soulful teaser - it works and I just want more and to listen to your voice everyday now has become a very plesant and intense way of keeping me happy and joyful. Your music means a lot to me and I'm happy that you share it with me. I like very much all your crossovers - they are unic and I feel blessed to be ably to listen to your increadbly voice as much and as often I want too. And - that is often cause i have all your previous CD's and am waiting for the DVD's from your concerts to be ably to see and listen to you on tour - as I'm in Sweden and not in the US and invalid to go on one of your concerts. It will be a great moment when "All That Ehoes" is on iTunes and I can buy and download it from there. I hope that you are OK and that your life is a happy life, so take care and all the best to you in 2013.

Very nice, pity it is not a full video i would have gladly watched the rest :D

Josh you look sexy and hot.....Awwwwww!!!!!

Great video and an uplifting song. Can't wait for more!

Christine from WI :)

Thank you for sharing this Josh! Love it! ❤

josh, just love hearing Brave. will be great when i get the cd in Feb. maybe someday you will tour in Utah. if you do i will be there. take care and keep on singing. love your voice. me and my sisters be glad to see you.

josh, just love hearing Brave. will be great when i get the cd in Feb. maybe someday you will tour in Utah. if you do i will be there. take care and keep on singing. love your voice.

This. Will. Be. AWESOME!!!! Wish you'd tour in WA state! :)

Amazing, just fantastic!

I can't help watchin the video over and over again. I need more...

Really WOW .. i love it so much .....thanks so much for it .. it's the best of my day .. YOU.. have a wonderful day and week and good luck in all... Besitos from the end of the world. CHILE.JS

Very, very nice.

I wanna see more!!!!!!!

WOW!!!! I can't wait!!! Looks like you did it again Josh. You gave my goose bumps!!!

Love it. Love it. Love it. And that leather jacket just fits you like a glove. Can't wait to watch the rest of the video. That song is just so amazing. Du är otrolig! You are amazing!
Love :-)

Loved it. Can't wait to see the rest.

i want more!!!