Watch Josh's Video Interview With Andrew Carter

Watch Josh's Video Interview With Andrew Carter

Josh interviews with Andrew Carter of CJAD 800 AM in Montreal. Watch the video embed above or click here to view on YouTube.

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First of all...Happy Birthday to you Josh!
The interview is awesome. I love that you are so down to earth and real. The more I get to know you through interviews the more I like you. You seem to be a wonderful person. Lots of love from Sweden

"Use the power for GOOD instead of EVIL !"
So true dear Josh ! Bravo ! You are a good man !

Almost everything covered in this interview: music, touring, personal life, and even gastronomical impressions of a different country - it's always fascinating to learn about things like...blueberry sushi :)) By the way, the best coffee I've tasted so far was in Vienna, Austria :)
Thanks for this video!

blueberry sushi...

In this interview Josh is so charming and witty as usual...
There must be a dark side to you...scary thought..
Happy 32nd Birthday Baby ! !

Hi Josh (from me on YouTube) saw it LIVE THERE.
thanks Josh for staying/being REAL! Enjoyed this interview the most so far. Your Improvation is Fantastic & Funny. Was that Some Enchanted Evening in there? HAPPY 32d BIRTHDAY. Here's wishing you a wonderful 1 on February 27th. BE KIND to yourself & take a good LONG 2 Wk BREAK to just SMELL Coffee Ice cream & Dark Chocolate ( before doing your CONCERT TOUR. You will discover a HUGE difference in your energy levels & get that Josh Groban Groove Tune-up Humanoidly speaking. LOL (echoes good triumphs evil Dungeons & Dragons style).

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I just got that. The cruel and highly refined dark side echoes so ...sweetly. lol

Very funny Josh.. about your interview.. I wouldn't worry about leaving a wife at home for such a long time if I were you, you're thinking is pessimistic.. All you have to do is find someone that loves you that loves everything you do and she loves too and can sing duets with you and you'll never be lonely on your tours, she'll be beside you guiding and loving you while supporting you at the same time and you'll love it.. Feel with your heart Josh and be optomistic God knows it all and your life is planned out already according to him so be still and feel with your heart and pray.. You'll be just fine Josh.. I wish you all the best sweetie,, God Bless & Take Care.. Great Interview,, Peace :)xo

it was a really great and funny interview.. thanks for sharing.... Cariños from distance.JS

Fun, Josh. Thanks for the updates, it's good to see you are having a good time. :)

...see lol

Straight you was the last tour, silly.

Someone stole my to... :)

Fun, Josh :)