Exclusive Interview & Behind-The-Scenes Video!

Exclusive Interview & Behind-The-Scenes Video!

Are you ready for Josh Groban’s upcoming "In The Round" tour?

Watch an exclusive interview with Josh discussing the tour AND a behind-the-scenes video of the making of the “I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)” music video.

To watch the behind-the-scenes video, please click here.

To watch the interview, please click here.

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I wish you can come to San Diego. CA. Do not forget Josh.

Just AWESOME!!! Love every video!!! :)

Thank you for these great videos!
May this adventure go on and on for Josh and his amazing band!

Congratulations to you all! This video is incredible....Thanks Josh!

Dear Pink(lad)y you have been noticed for you have grown into making great compliments for Josh Groban. You belong to the friends of Josh Groban and that are millions. Sure one day you will win a meet and greet together with your brandnew boyfriend.

That's great Josh, but next time you go somewhere that has a giant roller coaster, if you don't invite me, don't talk to me ever again.. lol.. I love roller coasters and only kiddin how can I not talk to you even though I'm always talking to the wall since I never get a feedback,, anyhow so happy you had a great experience thats great.. you must have an awesome manager.. God Bless them all and you Josh.. will I ever get to see you behind stage.. let me know, I bought my tickets already.. you know where I'm at from my registration on your sight.. anyhow take care.. so happy for you.. Peace..:)

Love the glimpses from the making of this wonderful video. Everyone was having fun and the result was spectacular! Josh brings a smile to everyone's face and matches with his own!

Thank you so much for this great interview and video. I cannot wait to see the concert.