Kid Snippet Outtakes Video

Kid Snippet Outtakes Video

Enjoy a montage of outtakes from Josh’s Kid Snippets sketch video below. You can also watch the original video by clicking here.

So hilarious! I just love to see you laugh and have a great time. All I can do when I watch this clip is to laugh. It just puts a big smile on my lips .You are pure joy to me. :-)
I hope I will see you in Sweden soon...maybe this year?

omg Josh I love this so much.. seeing this makes me want to have more kids.. lol.. so damm cute .. lol ...I love it.. and you look so cute acting this out.. don't know how many times I've seen this already.. Thanks for sharing this!!! :)

So, so funny! Just great!

LOL!!! This is sooo Funny:D!! Thank You So Much for Posting This :D!!

so, so funny! loved it!

I love it... Josh's wit... soooooo funny!
It's good to see Josh having fun too!
Keep on Josh, keep on!

This is great!! It must have taken you guys all day to get an actual usable taping :)

Josh, you are such a goofball and a cute one too.


Oops! Double post!