Illuminations Tracklisting Revealed

Illuminations Tracklisting Revealed

Get a first look at the tracklisting for Illuminations available November 15th. Pre-order the limited edition version here.

Track listing:
Wandering Kind (Prelude)
Bells of New York City
L'Ora Dell'Addio
Hidden Away
Au Jardin Des Sans Pourquoi
Higher Window
If I Walk Away
Love Only Knows
Voce Existe Em Mim
War At Home
London Hymn
Straight To You

Josh Groban breaks new ground of artistic and personal growth with his long-awaited fifth studio album, Illuminations, to be released on November 15th, 2010, from Reprise Records. The album is the rewardingly surprise-filled result of the unexpected but stimulating teaming with veteran producer Rick Rubin, known for his iconic work with Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Johnny Cash and Dixie Chicks among many others.

This unprecedented partnership saw both Groban and Rubin stepping out of their respective zones to come together and create an entirely new zone where art meets intimacy and immediacy meets timelessness. Most importantly, Groban -- who ranks as Billboard Magazine's 14th top-selling artist of the 2000s with more than 20 million units in the U.S. alone -- was free to express himself at his fullest by tapping into a new range of expression and emotional connection with lyrics drawn straight from the heart. Lead song "Hidden Away," went to radio September 13, one of six co-written by Groban and Dan Wilson (former leader of the band Semisonic and co-writer of several cuts on the Dixie Chicks' Not Ready to Make Nice), provides an emotional and artistic center, its plea for a romantic ideal given a musical setting highlighting the raw honesty and natural gifts of Groban as a singer, musician and writer.

"These are my stories," says Groban, who co-wrote eleven of the thirteen songs on the album. "For every one of these songs, someone's going to know it's about them. I'm going to get a text message about every one! This is a very personal record."

Elsewhere Groban makes his first foray into singing Portuguese on the vibrant "Voce Existe Em Mim (You Exist In Me)," returns to the more familiar Italian language with "L'Ora Dell'Addio" (a lush collaboration with the great composer/arranger Walter Afanasieff and lyricist Marco Marinagneli), paints a loving portrait of the Big Apple with "The Bells of New York City," with and offers his own, highly personal take on Nick Cave's poetic and passionate "Straight to You."

"Josh is a one-of-a-kind artist and he works in a genre I have never worked in before," says Rubin. "So there was a great excitement discovering our 'way in' to get to his essence and make a fine art album unlike any he has made before."

For most of the songs, Rubin devised a setting to maximize the honesty and spontaneity of the performances. Recording live with Groban playing piano and singing alongside acoustic guitarists. Matt Sweeney, Smokey Hormel, and iconic organist Spooner Oldham also played on several tracks. From those sessions, multi-hued orchestrations were crafted by David Campbell for nine songs and James Newton-Howard for two, while Brazilian great Carlinhos Brown created the dynamic setting for "Voce Existe Em Mim (You Exist In Me)" in his Bahia home, including the power of an all-girl drum corps -- the only drums on the album.

The partnership of Rubin and Groban developed organically and out of deep mutual respect. After an exploratory meeting, both were eager to take on a full album project. "From Day 1 it wasn't about anything to prove, but two people finding a place to work together -- two scared people," Groban quips. "We wanted to find our line... and walk past it. From Rick's view the grandness was something we wanted to embrace. I was given the very lofty task of having more responsibility on this album than I've ever had. The bar was set high from the beginning. That's why it took so long. But I can say that more of me went into this record than anything I've done."

Illuminations was three years in the making, but the writing and recording came in bursts of creativity as Groban busied himself with other projects, including starring in a 21st-anniversary performance of the cult musical Chess at London's Royal Albert Hall, performing a comic medley of well-known TV theme songs at the 60th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, duetting with Heather Headley at We Are One: The Obama Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial, guest starring twice on Fox's hit show Glee, and filming a role in Crazy Stupid Love, a motion picture comedy starring Steve Carell, Julianne Moore, and, due in spring 2011.

This looks great! I can't wait till it comes out : )

On my fojg page it list my Country as China. What is up with that? I'm from the USA and it want let me edit it. Someone please help....

Your music has brought so much to my life and I am so thankful for that. I know you make your parents so proud and please give them a thanks from me. They have raised a treasure.

Can't wait....can't last to hear your voice again!!!!!

I can't wait for the new album!!! I've just pre-ordered it :D ! Yuppi!

Não acredito!!!
Já sabia do lançamento do album novo, mas com uma música em português????
É bom de mais para ser verdade...
Josh mal posso esperar para te ouvir cantar em português.

E a vinda a Portugal, será em 2011???

Isso sim seria um sonho tornado realidade...

Bem, só me resta aguardar pelo tão esperado 15 Novembro.

Não acredito!!!
Já sabia do lançamento do album novo, mas com uma música em português????
É bom de mais para ser verdade...
Josh mal posso esperar para te ouvir cantar em português.

E a vinda a Portugal, será em 2011???

Isso sim seria um sonho tornado realidade...

Bem, só me resta aguardar pelo tão esperado 15 Novembro.

Não acredito!!!
Já sabia do lançamento do album novo, mas com uma música em português????
É bom de mais para ser verdade...
Josh mal posso esperar para te ouvir cantar em português.

E a vinda a Portugal, será em 2011???

Isso sim seria um sonho tornado realidade...

Bem, só me resta aguardar pelo tão esperado 15 Novembro.

Espero tener dinero para el 15 de Noviembre aunque en Diciembre estoy segura de que tendré dinerito y pues ya me lo compraré como un regalito de Navidad.
Josh si necesitas una profesora de español yo estoy disponible! jajajaja

Ya quiero que sea noviembre para poder adquirir el nuevo cd de Josh espero que en Mexico salga pronto a la venta y que tambien visite mi pais para poderlo disfrutar en vivo su hermosa voz.

Istenem! Másfél hónap a megjelenésig - kibírhatatlanul hosszú idő :(
(November 15 - one and a half months - unbearably long time)

Au Jardin Des Sans Pourquoi...
Je crois que je viens de laisser aller ... alors chaque fois que vous êtes prêt ... je dis, pourquoi pas.

Congratulation on your new album Josh, it's a journey I will never forget. "Hidden Away" is beautiful, it opened my eyes and my heart. Thank you for giving me the best chapter of my life, for everything you did, and for being a wonderful person. Things may change, but one thing will remain : you will always in my heart, wherever your journey leads you, with Love... Ana.

Oh. My. God.

Josh. I really have been so patient. Or I've tried.
I got this email announcement yesterday... about this tracklisting!!
I'm starting to get excited!! It's getting all twingy and wonderful.
I may eventually have to let out a squeal over here. I am so proud of you. Wow!!!!!!
I heart you, friend. Have a beautiful, beautiful day.
God bless you! Prayers!

Drink some chai tea, it's fall and it's perfect!



I'm not a fan of you...and...i've heard your new single,i think is really awesome...Rick Rubin is the perfect man to make a great record...i'm going to buy it as soon as it comes in Spain

Your previous work has kept me ,"mesmerized" all this time... It never fails to move me no matter how many times I've heard it. It makes me wonder what will happen with my life upon the release of your latest creation! As someone aptly put it in Grobania, "Help ! I can't stop listening ! "

Just Josh - a genre of one!

The titles alone are intriguing......glad to see you didn't
give up on French after all! :) Cannot wait to hear them all on the CD, and to hear them in person in concert. So exciting!

hi josh,
love the new song!!! I am waiting for the new album too hit stores here in Australia..When will the date be for that??I would order the item online but maybe not much point..prob get it the day the album is released here.

Thanks Josh! Wonderful article and I know the next 6 weeks will just fly by. I'm so looking forward to this album and tour! M

Every time I receive an e-mail regarding you, your song Hidden Away and now the album release date my heart pounds and races more than it ever has, I know you are themost talented man I have ever listened to. and you are real.Great job, Josh

josh, congrat for the portuguese song, but i really miss in the album a song in spanish, anywhere, i still love you.

My Birthday is November 15th.....and I just pre-ordered my copy of "Illuminations". Thank you Josh for the best birthday present EVER!

to: Josh Groban
sooo glad to hear the revelation..:D..i really wanna pre-order it if i could, but since i don't have paypal account or sth like that, i think i couldn't..just have to wait in my great excitement..n i'm also waiting for "Crazy Stupid Love" to b released..

GBU always n live safe n sound whereever u r..

Josh, after I write this I will be pre-ordering!! Your amazing voice will forever captivate in all of us, your fans!! Continue to always be YOU!!

We love you for YOU! And the amazing talent, and voice that comes along. Its the whole package!!


Oh, so many new songs to love! <3

I pre-ordered your album, the poor postman will be badly harassed..


Ps. I love the new site!

Really amazing, Josh! Huge thanks for your incredible work. Cannot wait and sure it will be as light among dark night. Admiration, love - for you!

So happy and excited. I've been waiting to be able to pre order it. So cannot wait for Nov. 15!!

I want this, I promise, Josh, I'll try to save up and FIND a way to get this, I want the pics in the book so I can give them all kisses, I thk I've kissed every pic on every cd I have of u! But I will do this...I"m taking surveys on Vindale and I'll work for the Print shop and do whatever I need to to get this fan edition one. LOVE U JOSH! ♥ I will do it bc u took time to talk to me and I will be forever grateful!

so psyched!! is it november 15th yet?



for some reason I am most curious about "war at home" ...very intrigued :)

So excited to hear all these new songs! How wonderful that Josh co-wrote most of them! Eagerly awaiting Illuminations ... both the album and the Tour! :-)

This is just so exciting. I can hardly wait to hear all these beautiful new songs. Thank you for all your hard work and for your enormous creativity. You are just the best and I wish you all the success you so richly deserve. Your fan, Vicki

Gracias por este nuevo álbum. Felicidades y mucho éxito hoy y siempre...

Josh is such an exciting artist! Not only does he have a beautiful voice, excellent stage presence, and general musical skills, he is also possessed of extraordinary creativity. Imagine, in this day and age, managing to create a new sound all his own, while nevertheless returning to traditional concepts of melody, harmony, dynamic range, and intellectual complexity so often snubbed by other contemporary artists! His music, in the past, has shown incredible variety, spanning classical, pop, show tunes, hymns, world music, and new music. His willingness and energy to trot all over the globe to find new sounds and musical concepts to fuse into his work are stunning.

It is rare that I enjoy a pop artist. Most of them drive me crazy. I am grateful to find music that I enjoy listening to.

I'm nervous, though. I keep fearing that somehow he will stop being Josh and become just another one of those annoying people whose music jangles the airwaves and makes me keep turning that radio dial in a desperate and futile search for something I can stand to listen to. The only reason I was willing to buy his past albums was because I had heard most of them on YouTube, before I bought them. It seems risky to me to buy this one without having heard it, but I have decided to trust and order it anyway.

I do feel a bit sad not to see Eric Moquet's name in the list of collaborators above. I particularly like the songs Josh wrote with him, as I find them especially innovative.

I also hope that his tweet about adding in a piano/zhonghu composition was true as I absolutely love Chinese/western fusion stuff, though I don't see a title in Chinese in the list, which would have been a tipoff.

It's being released the day after my 24th bday!!! I told my mother I can wait for a present if she will buy me a copy of Illuminations!!!! SOOOOO excited!

I know I will cry when I hear Josh sing Straight to You. The version by Emm somebody on You Tube has the same percussive piano style that Josh likes. Check it out. I don't care for the Nick Caves version-even if he did write it. I love the sad songs. I want the music to move me. The first time I heard Closer I had to keep stopping it and walking around-it was too beautiful and felt like someone had truly touched my soul.I had to take it in in pieces. I am completely at the mercy of this man's voice. If he sang it -I would do it.

This is so exciting!!!

We have waited so long for his new music. I'm a little nervous though to listen to it, Josh said it is very personal......hmmm......I'm sure that the CD is absolutely amazing!!!!


I pre ordered.... I can't wait!

45 days !!....& let the count-down begins...=) <3

hm...... this will definitely be my 18th birthday gift to myself!!!

yay! i absolutely cannot wait for november! i'm more excited about the album than i am about my 18th bday which is 5 days b4 its release d8! im excited for my bday only because it'll mean i have 5 days til the album comes out! i love u josh! i hope ur gettin lots of rest now that ur done w/ the album! :)'s a long,long wait....

Way to go!
Cannot wait for Nov,15th to get here and FINALLY get to hear a wonderful NEW album..from our NUMBER ONE GUY!!

The title's all sound great and I am SO thankful that you have included some that are in foreign languages. They almost always end up being my favorites from the albums. You have a way of sounding so very romantic, in the foreign songs..or, perhaps it is the way I am hearing them..but what ever the reason; I am so proud of you and both me & my husband are really looking forward to hearing the new songs,

Thanks so much for NEVER dissapointing! No Pressure, HUH?

Love Ya, Josh!


Hola Guapo....! Besos!!!!!.....November 15th....November 15th...November 15th.....CAN'T WAIT!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

I got the chills reading the song titles. I cannot wait to hear the new CD!

Thank you Josh!

This is awesome!! Wishing today was the day...

Great! Can't wait!

I was hopeing Awake would be on there but from what I see it's not. but thats ok I will love it anyway!!!! can't wait

Incredibly beautiful titles. I am having goosebumps already!!!!! My imagination is soaring, only you can do this, Josh... only you. Thank you so much for the inspiration!!!!!