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Paris, France - 10/03/2011
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This is a beautiful song and he sounds wonderful singing it, natch!! I don't have the Awake CD yet but I'll be buying it VERY soon. Listening to the words, to me it sounds like could be a song meant for his fans...he loves them and the feeling is definitely mutual!

This song is beautiful! How come it's the first time I've heard it?? I have all of his cd's, except the Awake that why? When I saw him in Ottawa, the first song he sang was new to me but I can't recall if it was this one (it was very noisy around me). I hate being left out of the loop!

Its my favorite too, its helped me through some tough times.
Unfortunately he didn't sing it in Manchester but at least i can watch it on the Awake dvd

My favorite song (but then anything Josh sings is my favorite). I always love the emotion he puts in Awake. Love the way Josh sang it in Paris. Paris t'aime, Josh.