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on January 20, 2007 - 6:48am

Once again I am saddened, confused, perplexed. I wish someone could explain to me what REALLY happened. I am not a person who enjoys confrontation, extreme controversy or should I say drama. I thought I had found a place here at FOJG where I could enjoy some friends who were similar to me who liked to joke around in an intelligent, witty sort of way. But then someone decided to spoil my fun. When I was younger I would have probably tucked my tail a bit, said alright I'll do what you ask and that's that. But as the years and maturity have added up I am no longer quiet like that. I guess after the deaths of my husband and my father, I've realized that life is too precious and too short not to get out of it what you want. My father was a humorous man. He loved to tell a good joke and joke around with everyone. My husband had a great sense of humor also. I guess that's what attracted me to him. And I guess I got my humor from my dad. If I didn't get to laugh with others and myself, what a miserable life it would be for me. No matter what happens in here, my HUMOR will not die out. I will always try to find the funny, lighter side of things and life. I know for me it makes me a better person. Thank goodness my daughter has inherited this humor. We often find many things to laugh about together and I have noted she has many friends attracted to her because of her fun nature. My home will always be filled with fun and laughter and the memories of that fun and laughter. It certainly makes my life MUCH more enjoyable and gets me through the hard and tough times.

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