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airport security

lindyjean's picture
on November 21, 2010 - 7:07pm

i see mcook just posted that she got a job with the TSA as an airport security person who checks you as you come thru. My son also does this, and he is sick and tired of all the negative press they're getting. The TSA is between a rock and a hard place--if they DON'T find a bomb or knife or other weapon, they'll be crucified for being too lax, and when they do what they can to find such a device, they are crucified for being too invasive. Do people really think they hire perverts who want nothing more than to feel up granny's sagging boobs, or fondle the junk on some guy??? trust me, they don't want to deal with that any more than you do. my son is not a perv. His coworkers are not pervs. They are simply doing their jobs, and they really wish they didn't have to use such drastic measures, either.

You know what they look for? Baggy clothes. If you don't want to be searched, don't wear a tent. I'm a big gal, and i like enough fabric to hide my sins, so i will opt for a scan if they want to check me....the babymaking machinery has long been decommissioned, so i don't worry about minute bits of radiation. If some guy in an airport gets his jollies from the outline of my big fat body, well, it's nice to know SOMEONE appreciates it, cuz i sure don't.

but please don't buy into the sensationalism that's presently everywhere in the press.....A few years back, there was a very entertaining show on one of the cable networks called, "Airport" was a reality show with terminal staff from Southwest Airlines at LAX, Baltimore and perhaps a few other airports,and gave the public a good look at their day-to-day operations and challenges---with drunks, lost luggage, rude patrons, and such. People need to know that TSA (and all airline people) deal with some real winners who don't seem to mind making fools of themselves, especially if they've hit the bar a little too hard pre-flight. I'm sure there are extreme situations causing these headlines, but when you consider the thousands and thousands of people who fly daily, it's a very small droplet in a vast ocean of passengers.

i'm all for personal liberty, and i guess you could call me a left-winger, but i'm also jumpy enough as it is when i fly, let alone wondering if someone is going to blow a hole in the plane or try to take out the pilot, so i don't mind the added security. And the argument that things don't happen on domestic flights doesn't hold water with me, either.....these terrorists (or just plain crazies), know where the gaps are in our safety net. What's to keep them from staging an attack departing from Hometown, USA??? absolutely nothing, except the much-maligned TSA folks, trying their best to keep that from happening. Give them a break, that's all.

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