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Made It to Toronto

EstherT1's picture
on January 12, 2011 - 10:11pm

Brr!!! It's cold and it's cold but the people are warm and friendly! I'm liking Toronto far more than I did from College. The subway tunnels and shops are amazing! Prices not so bad and Yes! I made it to your signing without the laminate. Sold out! Could feel disappointed but anyhows haging out on the sideline is not so bad. Good thing you are worth my while to peep on and I suppose when unlucky things happen 20 other things are fine. Like...i didn't get too lost in Toronto and that I manage to walk safely in the mushy snow! You have great fans and very heart-warming folks. Too bad you can't wave as often as you'd like. I enjoyed your introduction. You like wine and also beer and you can't throw a punch but just a few punch line will do the trick. No pole dancing with Christina Applegate...the poor woman was very pregnant (hopefully not real) and dancing on the pole.
Golden Gate made it to Toronto but I doubt you'd recognize me. I'm one of the 100s of Asian girls floating about with the camera. You do a great job making everyone feel they are the only one in front of you when you greet them. Many looked really giddy afterwards. I wish confessions are that easy! Fr. Josh forgive me for loving you...I've had horrible horrible dreams with you in my bed and I'm so sorry...please forgive me...I promise not to do it again! And you can see I've been showering day and night just to keep you off my my dirty dirty mind. I'm really sorry that mom, my sister and grandma feels the same way. My brother John thinks we are nuts but I can assure you we fought the temptation so badly but just can't stop listening to your songs. It's been flooding our minds with sensely admiration and we know you have to be true to your calling! The pope knows you are completely taken and have a higher calling but forgive us for our trespasses!

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