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Pray 4

EstherT1's picture
on May 15, 2011 - 10:33am

This is exciting...
What if Josh path Straight to you makes an amazing trail or Oil Fields, railways and pioneer the great Arts festival engagement that would shower the land with peace, har-money and yes...creativity at times of very trying moments. There is definitely room for growth and prosperity if we all get together and expand our creative outlet... No engineering is any good without Art. No health innovation without music.

Galileo fell in love
(?As if Galilean born?)
And he wondered what in heaven who invented such a joy
But the question got a better of his scientific mind
And to his blind and dying day
He looked up high and often sighed
And sometimes cried

Who puts the rainbow in the sky?
Who lights the stars at night
Who dreamt up someone so divine?
Someone like you and made them mine?

Love can make you ask spoke funny questions now and then
But just remember the alternatives
For I remember when I was lonely

[ From: ]

And unhappy and my lips were cold as ice
But you kissed me and good heavens now I'm here in paradise

So if ever I am not kissing you or looking in your eyes
I won't be blind and I won't cry
I'll look up and gladly sigh, and thank the guy

Who puts the rainbow in the sky?
Who lights the stars at night?
Who dreamt up someone so divine?
Someone like you and made them mine?
Someone like you and made them mine?

My power is in prayer and given the opportunity I should have been in politics... no point regretting- I along with you - we can all chip in to this economic depression with a few ounce of inspiration from Josh Groban Songs.

I will predicting a new era of innovation simply based on historical events...
We need railways, oil, energy efficient equipments and health innovations that would promote quality of life. I want to raise many geeky kids and engage them into a new era of strategic innovations to promote life, liberty and pursuit of happiness with social responsibility Jew-manity with thankfullness to the love of God.

The very nature of innovition spells passion and determination to provide such great offering to mankind of whom the Lord Himself poured out all of His life as a man to prove His great love.

As a Scientist in Love
We shall begin a journey
of wonder and fascination
To the enless beauty of nature
And the joy of exploration.

As I say this poem
Let us begin
For inspiration
Starts within
It starts with "I"
The breath of life
And ends with TION
as in ZION

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