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can't watch anymore

lindyjean's picture
on May 26, 2011 - 2:37pm

on previous tours, josh (then based in california) would have some of his first shows here, then come back at the end and give us a few more. I didn't have to sit and wait for months til i got to see him, like i am now. at first, i was anxiously reading all of the threads from NOLA, KC, Omaha, etc,and feeling a mix of exhilaration, and then, after just these two weeks, kind of like it's one of those "hurry up and wait" situations. he won't be here for nearly 3 months. i have to pace myself with all this anticipation, or else i'd be wrung out by the time August 17 comes along. i'm so glad the reviews (from fans and newspapers alike) are positively glowing, and that the shows are wonderful. of course, having seen him already quite a few times, i knew he'd be good, but it's nice to see that the critics are responding to it. before, it was often "pearls before swine"......some of these critics wouldn't know talent if it came up and gave them a kiss on the lips. it's about time josh got his props from more than this choir of fans he's been preaching to for the past ten years.

i will pop in and look at pics now and again, but i think i'm done combing thru the concert threads on a daily basis. since he wears the same thing every night, they're all going to blend into one another real soon anyway.

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