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My Summer Trek...

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on June 8, 2011 - 3:46am

Hello again guys! Now that I've kept you in suspense (lol) I can tell you about my summer trip. While I was there I managed to make two movies: the new Pirates movie and Thor, as also as two concerts.

The new Pirates movies was really good and Johnny was as funny and endearing as ever. I also loved the storyline with the Missionary and the mermaid. Thor was good as well and I have to say Chris Hemsworth is a total hunk! Okay, did I just say that out loud? Anyway, anyone who has seen it will attest to that! LOL And Natalie Portman is always good.

I also managed to make it to two concerts. Celtic Woman and Josh's. Celtic Woman's show was absolutely fabulous. They were gorgeous and their show was amazing. If they come anywhere near you go see them and make sure you get good seats. Also, there is a 20 minute intermission so be aware of that beforehand.

And then of course came the Big Moment...Josh's show! Where do I begin? Not only was this my first time being grobanized but after four years of wishing and praying (not to mention a six-month serious depression after having missed him last time) I Finally got there. And you know what they always remember your first! :) In fact, it still seems unreal to me that I was there. I guess it's no surprise that I started "choking up" on the way into the stadium but I didn't start bawling until he actually made his entrance. After that, the floodgates blew open. LOL I'm just glad he didn't see me there because it wouldn't have been a pretty sight! Anyway, he started the show with Changing Colors and ended it with You Raise Me Up. Two hours later, I was still bawling and no, I didn't bawl the entire time. Just on the ballads. I also had Very good seats. If you go to Ticketmaster and look under A T@T Center section 124 you will see what I mean. I not only saw him perform in the middle of the stadium but the stage as well. Unfortunately, I do have some bad news. I didn't get there until 7P.M. and it was mass chaos so I didn't get to meet him (or Sweeney) beforehand. And second, while I did take a camera to take photos for you guys they didn't come out. I don't know...either the camera was cheap or my friend didn't work it right. Whatever the case, I was so grateful to just be there. And I was was ethereal. It still hasn't registered that I was there!

BTW, for those who haven't been yet make sure to get there early and make sure your camera is working properly before leaving home.

Big grobie hugs, Roger

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