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Best night of the summer!

MiMorena69's picture
on July 21, 2011 - 7:39pm

I have been looking forward to this concert since I went to the last one (Awake tour). I had been counting down the days since I ordered my pre-sale tickets. It was by far a wonderful night with the always amazing and never disappointing, talented Josh. The Awake concert was awesome but this one was totally different in the way Josh made sure his fans were included with the fan participation & the more intimate setting with the mini-stage. The mini-stage was brilliant!!! Loved-it...I felt at times, he was singing right to me. I was able to get some wonderful pictures too. This was the closest yet I've been able to get. I am still holding onto the day when I will be able to meet him. Until then, I will still be a die-hard, grateful fan for his talents that he shares with me & the world. His voice & personality (that make me laugh & smile) makes me get through the day. THANKS JOSH for a wonderful evening!!!!

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