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Meeting Josh

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on August 20, 2011 - 7:49pm

So yesterday (8/19) was the show, and my mom and I decided to take the light rail there. I was freaking out the whole time! I felt like I was going to throw up and pass out, we we still had three hours before we could even go into the arena! We got to the arena around 4, and with an hour to go before will call opened up, so we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe directly across the street. Luckily, when we were done eating, it was 5 o' clock, and will call had opened up when we went inside (thank God they had a waiting area inside, because it was so freaking hot outside). Once we got our concert tickets, we had to wait until seven (TWO HOURS OF IMPATIENCE). Every 20 minutes or so, I'd go back up to will call asking about the meet and greet passes, but they took forever getting the passes to the will call, I guess. And I finally got them about 30 minutes to the doors opening. We had to meet at a certain section, so once the doors opened, we booked it to the restroom so we could change into our nicer clothes, then hauled ass down to meet up with all the other winners!

There were a lot more people than I expected. For some reason, I thought it was only the five winners from the fan club plus their one extra person. There were a good 50 people in our meet and greet group alone, and apparently there were two other groups after us! So anyway, the arena people led us down to the hall where we all had to line up against the wall as the tour manager/security for Josh told us all the rules of the meet and greet (one autograph only, one photo only, blah blah blah).

Before I go any further, I might as well stop and tell the story I was practicing telling Josh over the past two days! Back in like 2005, when my cousin Tonnie was trying to get me to listen to his music, she pitched it to me by saying "this guy sings so great, he could make the Oscar Meyer Wiener song sound beautiful!!" And ever since then, her and I have always said if we ever met him, we would tell him that stupid story, then ask him to sing it! And then my best friend Lindsay told me I should find those little whistles to give to him along with the story! My dad found a Hot Wheels Wiener car and gave it to me to give to Josh!

Okay, so it's my turn to meet Josh, and I'm trying to be calm. I walk up, shake his hand and I say, "okay ... this is going to be really dorky... but--" and he cut me off with "I LOVE DORKY STUFF!" So, I laugh and say, "okay good...." then told him the story about Tonnie and the Oscar Meyer song, then I pulled out the Hot Wheels car and tell him, "my dad and I went through his Hot Wheels collection and found this..." and basically shouts "NO WAY!" and I keep talking, adding, "so here you go, so maybe next time you're on Jimmy Kimmel, doing funny stuff like the Kanye Tweets or something, maybe you could sing the Wiener song for me and my cousin!" and he gets this totally dorky excited smile and asks, "THIS IS FOR ME?!" and I tell him yeah, and he says, "I will treasure this FOREVER! This is awesome!!" Then we got our picture taken (which was horrible cause I did a stupid face where it looks like I have a double chin because my flash didn't go off at first. My camera kinda sucks, and I thought it wasn't going to work, then mid-stupid face, the photo took! UGH! Oh well!). So then it's my mom's turn to talk to him, and as she's walking up to him, and I'm walking off to the side, I heard Josh, talking to his security guy, "LOOK WHAT I JUST GOT!!!!!" about the Oscar Meyer car!

So that's my awesome story, I am so stunned I actually got the story about, and it was understandable, as I talk super fast when I am excited! My mom and I had the middle section on the floor, row 6 from the stage, the two end seats, so it was like the most perfect night ever!! I actually got to meet Josh, and tell him mine and my cousins "if we ever meet Josh ..." story, gave him something he seemed pretty excited about, and had amazing seats. I got great photos, which I'm uploading as I type this.

Best. Night. Ever.

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