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When does it stop!

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on September 11, 2011 - 3:07am

Ideas for Death Becomes Her...
Wanda stares at the mirror wondering...When does it end...
She looks at her face and traced her hand down her chest. I wish you didn't have to feel so empty. It's the usual void she feels from time to time as she looks at the time thinking about her completely desperate life. Living to see these children bloosom is one thing but at times. At times being in the other side of life unknown is all she longs for. This place of bliss and tranquillity. She always finds herself running into fields of garlands, the smell of cammomile, the crisp sound of leaves in fall.

Endless days of looking at Mr. Bastiani day in day out at the hallways and Parent-Teacher conferences. Pretending not to notice the hair and hands from a distance. Shawn has a habit of touching his lips from time to time while he points out an idea. Wanda under her think rimmed black glasses feel completely under guise while she stares at those luscious lips of his. At times she would imagine running her fingers through his hair and gently touching round the ears and neck.

Principal Shawn quickly turns his head as if a wind swept his gaze. Wanda stares down at her think layer of papers from her students narrations. "Shit!" Wanda thought. He couldn't have noticed that one. She's always been good at being stoic. The she looks at her phone and remembers a note to call Diego. She smiles at her phone and excused herself to the restroom. She candidly dials Diego's no. and left a message.

Inside the conference room Shawns phone vibrates. The principal jolts and reached inside his pocket and under his breath with a British accent says, "Senorita, be off in 5 minutes! Conference with the growers." Wanda as Lady Z speaks with a thick Spanish accent, "Darling beeh waiting for you! Ummhhh."

Shawn runs to his office. The two goes off in their usual pretense of grape growing and fertilizing. The conversation starts heating up. Wanda walks passed the hall overlooking the Principals office window. She sees Principal Bastiani's back sitting on the office chair inside a closed room. She continues to chat with Diego, " The grape roots must gooh deep deep deep in the darkness of the night!" Then she stares at who the Principal must be chatting with as he seemed deeply engaged. Diego on the phone goes, " I could hear echo?" Lady Z, " I'm walking inside the church cellar...One day I hope to meet you here!" Diego, "My pleasure senorita!"

Wanda walks past the hallway and carry on with Diego's voice mesmerized by the crisp British accent. He lets Lady Z hear the trickling of water from an office fountain his desk. Lady Z, " I could hear the sound of waterfalls!" Diego whisphers, "If only I could find you there!"

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